ONE POT VEGAN MEALS | 5 Fast & Lazy Beginner Recipes (with less washing up!)

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Moesha-Jane E says:

You seem to Really Like Mushrooms.

Jennifer Hagler says:

They all look SO good but the spaghetti is one I'll be trying this week. Thanks for sharing!

Megan McConnell says:

That soup looks phenomenal!!! 😍😍👌

Hannah J says:

made that stir fry and honestly i've never made something THAT good myself. absolutely heavenly!!!

Corentin Guillo says:

I liked before starting to watch, I need that in my life!

Nora Carta says:

very nice easy recipes. I am Italian and the risotto you did is as I would do it:) cooking doesn't need to be complicated. the easy things are the best. Thanks for the video!!

Vanessa Aleksander says:

This was so helpful! 🙂 Thank u so much Madeleine.

Hannah Burrows says:

I really enjoyed this video; it was relaxed and easy to watch. I've been considering a change in my diet lately, and have been looking at a lot of vegetarian and vegan meals (via video), and this is 1 of only a few that I've enjoyed, and really excited to try some of these recipes – thank-you

Miachel Hancock-Eccles says:

Where I live there are virtually no vegan choices when eating out, so I have to make all my own food. This video made my whole day! I’m so excited! These recipes look amazing and delicious! Thank you so much for sharing!!

Xsania Neale says:

clicks video for vegan food ideas
gets KFC advert

Sparo_art says:

This looks so good ! I'm having breakfast right now but I really want to eat chilli now xD I am surely going to do the soup today, i LOVE soup ^^

Trystan Boulden says:

Apparently onions and garlic are major foods to avoid if you have IBS as they cause stomach upset. I know, I was very sad to hear as well 😂 but definitely noticed that it was true after reading

EdF Li says:

Not vegan, but they all got my mouth watering. So I’m gonna be trying all of them out this wk seeing as I have all the ingredients stocked (except for veggie stock and nutritional yeast) – tnx for the inspiration 10/10!

Inês Martins says:

Great ideas!

Anthony Castagnoli says:

Food looks delicious but the music in this video is atrocious

ruby dean says:

Are these amounts all for two people?

Sanja Stulz says:

I am not vegan yet, because my parents don’t want it. BUT I am searching for something easy to cook so I can cook at home and they can’t say anything so thank you very much 🥰🌱

anthony cooper says:

Well done on creating a good, informative cooking-video, and putting it on YouTube for everyone to watch. All of the five meals that you prepared looked easy to cook, and they all looked like they would taste delicious too!

m mogg says:

i want to watch this but the music is… so annoying i really cant

Julia J says:

I love the idea of these meals, but only the last had enough protein 🙁 others I'd have to add something to these. They all look really tasty tho!!!

Doris Bilić says:

I'm not vegan, but these recipes are quite budget friendly and seem excellent so thank you for that! I love how you use a lot of ingredients that aren't ''exotic'', cause these are much cheaper and easier to get a hold of.

Kerri Embleton says:

These look amazing! Always struggle to think of meat free meals, so will definitely be trying some of these 😊 x

Janet B says:

Omg I’ve always wondered how to make quinoa in a way that is not so dry. Thank you!!! Definitely trying these recipes 😊

biggiee smalls says:

“Think I might have ibs” just what I wanted to hear before a video about food

Truth Seeker says:

Thoughts are energetic. Some are challenging to digest 😘 accept, forgive and give thanks to your body and its messengers. Allow these challenging energies to pass easily. Expect healing. Eliminate the oats and grains and enjoy greens and healing herbs.

Rebeca Portillo says:

The recipe links don't work, anyone else have this issue? Could you update them? thanks, I really liked the video

Dianna White says:

Do you have vegan crockpot meals? It's convenient for a college working girl

Anna Leonie says:

Don't bother taking the skin off sweet potato. Just give them a wash with a scourer.

TheEmpa says:

A tip is to throw in some lentils, chickpeas or tofu in these recipes. They seem really tasty and yummy, but they also lack a lot of much needed protein.

Just a friendly heads up for someone just starting veganism.

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