My Top 5 Go To VEGAN Meals On The Starch Solution

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High Carb Hannah says:

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Frenk Outdistrict says:

You Look like Mariah Carey, you are beautiful

girl for happiness says:

there are sooo many different types of rice. Which one do you like the most and is the healthiest? Porpoild, Basmati, sushi usw?

Lydia Krilich says:

Please help. I'd love to make meals like this for a family of 4. This looks very time consuming if I'd cook this for 4 people. Or I'd be going through 2 bags of potatoes every week. Any suggestions? ?

DRAW DAILY · DxD says:

If you think these recipes are delicious. Try added some meat and cheese to it. Just to spice the flavors up a bit.👄👅

DRAW DAILY · DxD says:

I'm a vegan most of the time and I enjoy fruits as well as pastas and leafy greens but sometimes I treat myself with a lean meat meal, or even a sloppy hamburger with extra greece meat and cheese with a side of fries and a tall glass of fizy Soda to wash it down with. I don't care if you other vegans say "No no then your not vegan" if you refrain from the sex for a month and then have sex one day you can say that you were celibate, so why not the same with veganism.

Rashida Davis says:

All these recipes look yummy!

Bipolartorecovery says:

rice when cools turns into a resistant starch which helps rebuild the lining of your gut as well as is more diabetic friendly and may help prevent colon cancer because it causes your body to create butrerate (sp?) cooled potatoes, cooled rice, whole wheat and green bananas are resistant starches. i'm giving it a try for my treatment resistant ibs. i'm on day 5 and my pain went from a level 5 to a 1 at most =)

Uneak Tershai says:

Yasss I pretty much have all this stuff at my house. More sushi videos please. ☺️☺️☺️

Arionna Barajas says:

What do you mean throwing your fries directly on the rack? How do they stay on there?

James Devine says:

I'm sure if you stopped eating all that avacado you'd lose that last little bit of pudge that you have. Just saying. Other than that you are beautiful for sure. I'd love to meet a girl who eats the mcdougall diet.

Jones LeFae says:

Burrito bowls for dinner tonight!

Karen Benavente says:

Awesome tips Hannah! And yummy😋 here I am riding my bike at the gym and girl you're making me hungry lol

Mary Loves Kale says:

I am so going to try the potato wrapped in romaine this week… that sounds so good…

moe cad says:

no offence but you just talking in a video is boring as hell. i like when you cook and show recipes.

Amy Fried says:

Sorry to be stupid, but the recipes are below, where?

Victoria S Books says:

you look like mariah carey

Athanasia Athanasia says:

I thought that I should avoid pasta rice and potatoes .I noticed you dont eat olive oil or bread .Is that right ? When I stop eating bread then I lose weight .

Elizabeth Munson says:

Hannah, I just started back on the lifestyle and have to say your videos are keeping me so motivated. Thank you for all you've done for the community.

Liz Feick says:

Super super helpful!! Thank you so much! I love your meal planner, by the way!!

kelly Denmeade says:

not that it matters, but I am an old vegan hag and I love your channel. You are my favorite. An dam I wish I could lose weight, I'm 52 and the menopause weight sucks. I watch you and I think I kid myself that I look like you. Yah right.

Jennifer Hernandez says:

You should make a book with starch based foods. I want to try to do the starch solution but better at following receipts

nopochki says:

is ketosis bad for you ?


Awesome meals beautiful lady. You make it fun to lead a healthier lifestylr. The sushi looks amazing. Keep going…

Katie Wompus says:

How come you don't eat sandwiches/wraps as a staple meal?

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