MY HEALTHY MORNING ROUTINE | Vegan Breakfast, Bulletproof Coffee, 5 Minute Journal, Yoga, Meditation

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My morning ritual or I should say Miracle Morning is extremely important to me and an absolutely non-negatiable part of my day.
I start with snuggling with my zoo, Sun Salutation, Hot water with Lemon, Bulletproof Coffee, Five Minute Journal, Morning Pages, Meditation… Well, take a look for yourself 😉

Products I mention:
+ Sunrise Stimulating Alarm Clock with Nature Sounds
+ Honest Toothpaste
+ Origins Dr Weil for Origins Illuminating Cleanser
+ Origins Dr Weil for Origins Illuminating Face Cream
+ Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil
+ Bulletproof Upgraded Collagen Protein Powder



Shot with:
Canon G7X Mark II
Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 80D

My name is Aggie and I am a Polish born, Australian educated, Los Angeles based adventure traveler, writer, blogger and photographer but also an inner peace seeker, nature addict, sailor, olympic-level liquid spiller and obsessive learner. I visited over 50 countries so far, but who’s counting? (ok, I AM!)
It’s good to have you here. Let’s see the world together!


uzma mirza says:

@Aggie Lal
where you bought that Dairy ?..can you plz send me the link..

Βαρβάρα Τσαντεκίδου says:

Lovely! Congrats!

shoco neco says:

L O V E from J A P A N
(*ˊᵕˋ*) 💓💓💓

Rutkay Uğur Durgun says:

But what's the point of all this?

Mary Holloway says:

I love your apartment and animals! Which city do you live in?

Be Unique says:

Yummy breakfast

Beauty & Mandala says:

Hi Aggie, thank you for this video, it's very inspiring. I am new to your community andI really enjoy what you are doing and how you generously share your vision with us! I just wanted to tell you that the link through the origins Dr Weil face cream in the description tab is not "working" see above. Looking forward to your new videos. best, Sissi

Christina Pistone says:

I love waking up early everyday as well! And fluoride free, vegan girl over here too :0)

Lauren x says:

omg peanut butter is so extremely cute 💕

Adrian Campbell says:

Great video's! So where's your favorite place that you have been to? Where would you go tomorrow if you could?

Malwina Szymanowska says:

skąd ten piękny kubek, do którego nalałaś kawę?

BlackBerryTrees says:

wow thats such a long morning routine but you really get so much done! good for you! wish you had a bit more of an outro though, the video ended so suddenly haha

WishwaRajindu Liyanagama says:

Good morning

ajai ringkangmai says:

Is your apartment a rented one or is it your own ??

I ran out of ideas for my username says:

What breed is your cat?

Niebieska Orchidea says:

TRAVEL IN HER SHOES by Aggie Lal czy ta aplikacja do medytacji jest darmowa ?

Scarlett John says:

I think it would help to read about fluoride from reliable and reputable sources. All things you mentioned that it can cause are not backed by evidence or scientific consensus and even if one or two sources suggest it, dosage is extremely important. Using a pea sized amount twice a day has absolutely no negative effects on the body and is in fact very beneficial to your teeth. Fluoride is only dangerous in excessive amounts just like pretty much everything such as sugar, salt and even water. And its also only dangerous if its swallowed in large amounts but brushing teeth is strictly topical treatment and after brushing simply spit out the access. Without fluoride tooth paste the health of the teeth and mouth will be heavily compromised. Love the video!

Lena Zell says:

I would love a video on your bedtime routine, how to get to sleep early, and what you do when you're traveling or out with friends. Do you still wake up early if you're out late at night or jetlagged? How do you manage? I function horribly without sleep!

ratljost ratljost says:

Collagen is not vegan

Christine Bethencourt says:

Hello 🤗you just earned a new subscriber, i am french and went to California a couples of years ago, and yessssss…………… that’s my favorite place in the world ! Peace & Love ❤️

Asia Bać says:

Wow Polish, I'm so happy I've read the discription, greetings from Poland, pozdrowionka z Polski💕

Natasha X says:

I want to know how is your coffee vegan with collagen powder added to it?

Victoria Racz says:

Does anyone know if she has a full skincare video? She has perfect skin!

sen says:

please change your sonicare brush tips more often.
i usually change mine every month(although i only use it once a day:)

Cindy Russi says:

Your pets are precious💗💗💗

Jasvitam says:

Wow, why haven’t I subscribed to you earlier? Finally found you at least, you definitely earned a new subscriber 😅 Love your content, good job 👏🏻

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