My Morning Routine | Yoga, Vegan Breakfast, Makeup

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From choosing my workout and meditation to making epic vegan smoothie bowls, I love the mornings and I always make time to do at least some of my favorite routines because they simply put me in the right mindset for the day.

My new morning routine video:

Things I mentioned in the video:

Smoothie bow:
– 4 frozen bananas
– 2 mangoes
1. blend!
2. top with fruit of choice

Tibetan bowl meditations:

Online yoga:

With love ❀️
Sheer Lev


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Sheer Lev says:

Hi everyone 😊
Thank you for watching, liking, and commenting ❀ this is an old video of mine and I have gotten much better since 😁 you can see my new morning routine video here:
I wanted to respond to a couple things I see coming up in the comments a lot:
1. In this video I share my full morning routine, doing all of this takes about an hour and a half until I am out the door. Obviously real everyday life requires me to be flexible, so it changes a lot depending on the time and energy I have (It's all good even if I only have time to brush my teeth!).
2. The red drops are B12 vitamin supplement in liquid format, It's important to take it about once a week as a vegan.
3. The moldy shower, oh my. No matter how much I cleaned I couldn't get rid of the mold in my old house 😱 (it was a VERY old house). But don't worry, I no longer live there and my new shower is completely mold free πŸ‘
4. And finally, yes, I sleep naked and it's not a big deal. I simply find it to be the most comfortable for me. Also, there are many pieces of research that show the amazing health benefits of it.

I upload new videos every Thursday and if it feels right for you, I would love it if you subscribed to my channel πŸ™

Sending you much love always!

Carlos Galan says:

you are so pretty I love your video

Kiddos Kitchening says:

That is a really good morning routine! It is really hard for me to do the stuff I need to do, and I don't have a certain time to do it.

lucaa jj says:

what are those Plates called at 2:07 ? verry inspiring Video btw. so peacefull and selfcaring, lovely β™‘


I Really like your breakfast

Nilaja Williams says:

Ugh… I love you so much!!

cecile joussot says:


Carly Pastore says:

Don't you cleanse your face in the shower because your face is already wet? As a HSP I always wash my face in the shower because I can't stand that wet dribbly feeling of water going down my dry arm if/ when I wash my face at the sink lol. And don't get me started if I have to wash my face at the sink if I'm wearing long sleeves… Oh hell no. Lol….. Loved that breakfast bowl! Yum!

rpm690 says:

Great video. LOVE the music. What is it? Please share!

Firoza says:

hahhaha i am LIVING for the "make hair big" instead of "style my hair" because ME TOO!! I love my hair big :))

harri hiltunen says:

nice video….fine made.

Rinesh Andrews says:

Best Wishes to your YouTube Channel !

simar crafts says:

it's so relaxing and calming yet energetic video.. wow.. you are amazing.. god bless you. 😘😊

Grace says:

That was one of the most beautiful things I've seen in a while. Thanks you!

PoopyButt2012 says:

You are beautiful.

Ana JΓΊlia says:

Pleeeeease! Tell me about your breakfast. πŸ™

Kirston Tozer says:

Breakfast looks amazing going to try it! thank you x

clint8u says:

LOL – try having some kids

Purpose_is_blank says:

So gorgeous!

I don't know if I wanna be like you or be with you.

yumika43 says:

Who else eat 2 mangoes and 4 bananas in just one breakfast ? 😰

M.Afreen Shreya says:

you beautiful skin, you definitely don't need a lot of makeup. I just subscribed because your routine seems pretty practical for a 20/30/40 and even a 50 year old I guess #nohate #beautifullife #simplicity πŸ™

rodeo o says:

love that you are a naked sleeper]

Nikki black says:

it's coming from watching this boring video Roxy

Richard Mason says:

Tip for the mould in your shower . Just swab or spray it with bleach . Works a treat. I have the same problem.

Ange Liu says:

is that liquid b12 you put in after brushing your teeth?

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