Lentil Coconut Curry Soup

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This delicious Lentil Coconut Curry is simple to prepare, freezes well, and makes an excellent lunch or dinner.

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You’ll find the written recipe here: http://healthnutnation.com/2012/09/04/creamy-lentil-coconut-curry/


Lotus 1979 says:

What are the measurements of the lemon juice 1 lemon 2 lemons? Did u add water to that? Also did u rinse b4?

Anne N says:

I just made this and it was great! Adding the coconut cream (thick cream at top of can of coconut milk) in the serving bowl instead of the big simmering pot made all the difference. In the past I have added coconut milk into the simmering pot and I think it threw off the flavor.- it was never as good as the take-away from Asian restaurants. Also, I soaked the lentils overnight – it helped our tummies significantly (based on prior experiences). Secrets learned – thanks so much!

Ron Si says:

Bitch thanks 🌹🌹🌹

happygoblin101 says:

I made this this today and it was delicious.

Elizabeth Shaw says:

Red lentils do not work that way you can salt them from the beginning and other lentils as well. You need to season at each step not at the end! Lentils are not beans as you called them.

Janis B says:

Glad you suggest the soaking process. It is necessary, and most don't do it. Subscribed 🙂

renee carter says:

Awesome recipe and soup! Thank you!

Shay Barret says:

Great recipe

Heni Lee Reis says:

where can you get curry paste I love to know thanks I live in the Chicago area

L Mc says:

I like the tips about the salt and lentils, you know your stuff!

myfairy talegimail says:

Cooking this right now but I modified d ingredients a bit. Thanku

Hans Tun says:

Be careful not to add avocado to anything that is too hot. Cooked avocado turns very bitter.

Joanna Bushman says:

Why your cocnut milk is so thick ? is this a special milk ?

Elizabeth Pedro says:

yuck is disgosting

Alycia Bagwell says:

Can I substitute curry POWDER?

Victory Richards says:

so just soak Lentils in water? with lemon juice?

Cheryl Tang says:

I tried once and Love This soup immediately. Will add to my cook book surely. Thanks a lot!


Your having trouble with dairy cause the cows breast milk meant is for the calf that gets slaughtered so humans can steal the baby calve's milk and someone profits (not the baby). Does this sound right???? it is normal that most people are lactose intolerant…go vegan

Joe Borg says:


Oane de Vries says:

Is that a normal sized onion where you come from? 😛 Jees!

Jessica Sarasch says:

You mentioned soaking lentils in lime juice or whey. How do I find whey at the supermarket? Is it like yeast or baking powder?

Xandre C says:

great video, im going to make this tomorrow thanks for posting 

AniJarPlus Lord says:

u go way too fast for people that r not well

zz22 says:

can i use green curry paste?

Sarah Forshaw says:

All I can say it we enjoy lentils around here. When my mom saw this and made it. There is no other way to make them now.  We all sounded like a reenactment of Bill Murray in "What About Bob" Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm, Lol! Love this stuff!!! To gild the lily she shredded roasted chicken and reheated it in coconut oil and added the curry paste and simmered it in a little chicken stock and topped the stew.

bahamastarlet says:

I just subscribed today and just cooked this lentil soup today but tweaked it a bit by adding a touch of demara sugar or honey when serving it helps to bring out the coconut taste even more and makes this dish a little sweet but yet savoury. I love it and thanks for sharing. Warning people the curry paste is a little on the hot side even for a pepper lover like me.  

Amy Putkonen says:

I am trying to eat more vegan so I will be just substituting veggie broth instead of chicken broth – a pretty easy substitution!

Amy Putkonen says:

Wow. Thanks for a great recipe. I am going to try this one!

HealthNutNation says:

So glad you liked it!

HealthNutNation says:

Hmm, it could be that I was using only the fat from the top of the can. It could also be that I live in Seattle and all of my coconut products firm up because it's colder here than where you live. I'm so glad you liked it! I just made a big batch and am going to have some for my lunch today too!

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