I couldn't stop LAUGHING! Weekend Boyfriend Dates & My Vegan Pasta Recipe!

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The Rashidies says:

You too are HILARIOUS!! xx

Bri Million says:

you should make a cook book!!!

JoTroegs says:

lemur walks by "OH Racoon!" -Kurt 😅😅😅 I DIED!!!

Claxsb says:

At 8:30 where did sezzy get the white shirt ?

Jamie Lee Ashton says:

I was so laughing during this vlog 😂😂

Lauren Mal says:

Little did he know this would be his cool dad ego 😂

Capri'sBookIsland says:

Lmaooo the voice over video I’m dying

Capri'sBookIsland says:

The after shave with less mustache is a LOOK

SadieJoyful Books says:

Talk about #relationshipgoals

Jamie Lee Ashton says:

I really couldn’t stop laughing 😝

Anna Banana says:

Sezzy is gonna be such a cute grandma and/or old lady!

NessaLee30 says:

Hahahaha Shaggyyyyy I used to LOVE that song 😂😂 "she call me Mr. Boombastic, say me fantastic, touch me on my back she says I'm Mr. Ro-Rooooomantic, say me fantastic, she touch me on my back and call me Mr. Boom Boom Boom Boom….."

Emma Little says:

I love this video so much 😂

Nicole Vardopoulos says:

This is probably one of the funniest videos I've ever seen! 🤣

Laura SparkleSoul says:

You guys are so amazing! I love how united & in love you both are. Loved your zoo story telling your giggles are contagious. Beautiful couple! I hope to be as happy as you both one day. Another great video guys ! Q: what is the song called at the start of the video? Loves u both 💞

Londyn Crane says:

Your outfits are always the cutest! Where'd you get your sweater?

Sarah H says:

You two are the cutest 😍

Alex Schmitt says:

Sezz, will you cook for me? Lol. Seriously love all the food you make. You should work on a cook book!!

IKEHH says:

My friend doesn't like to support the zoo because they keep animals locked up 🙁

Sarah Kirschman says:

Omg kirtle I live billy Madison so cool! SARAH I can't believe you don't know billy madison

Bridget Elmer says:

I love this Sarah! You should so come out with a Sarah’s Day cookbook filled with all your healthy recipes!!! 💗💗💗

Magdalena Kuffel says:

Kurtle at the end of the video is literally me all my life XD

Victoria Siro says:

that pasta looked epic

Ariana Williams says:

You guys are a comedy show 🤣🤣🤣

Demi Lynn says:

Hahahaahah…. omg the ending xD <3

Angie Löffler says:

Oh my gosh, I just want this kind of relationship!!! 💞😂😂🙏

Cutie Paddy says:

You go glen coco OMG IM DEAD 😂😂

Cutie Paddy says:


Nina Belle says:

I think I have abs now I laughed way too hard

Lacinda Wright says:

can you please show how you edit your instagram photos???

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