Healthy $1 Breakfast Recipes – Easy Budget Meals with Vegan Options! – Mind over Munch

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Budget breakfasts! Easy healthy breakfast ideas, like avocado egg toast, overnight chia pudding, & pumpkin pie oatmeal! Vegan- & vegetarian-friendly!
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Robert Cowan says:

Wow Amazing Tips

Naiara Marcuzzi says:

Your video edition is amazing! YouTube got me totally catch!

Bryon Middleton cooking says:

Are. You single?

Slime Lifetime says:

I prefer sunny side up eggs

Hufflepuff 12 says:

Hard boiled eggs are the best!! Do more of hard boiled egg recipes

Chinchilla Divine says:

I know I’m late here, Mama Munch, but is there ANY way to freeze avocados? For any kind of preparation? I’m pretty sure the answer is NO, but it couldn’t hurt to ask…🙂

Sarah Butcher says:

I'm so late to the game watching this, but as a poor grad student who struggles with identifying cheap, healthy, AND delicious meals, I LOVE THIS SERIES. I want to go home immediately and try these recipes! Thank you for existing! haha

jackass123491 says:

I love using coconut water in my oats. I get the canned kind which is affordable for me. Makes the oatmeal even sweeter.

uknowihateyou says:

Avocados – 2€ per piece
Pumpkin puree – you just can't buy it here
Almonds – 3€ for 200g…
Not so cheap in here

Ani Nur Mariam says:

I love ur channel. Being vegan in affordable budget. New Subbie

Samantha De La Cruz says:

I love this channel, I showed my mom these videos and she loved them. I love to pack myself these lunches they are delicious and healthy!

World's Best Whistler says:

Yes that's right. In America, brown shell eggs are more expensive than white shell eggs. But in my country, white shell eggs are more expensive.

Valerie Kessler says:

Oh man I love eggs. I will eat eggs pretty much anyway. I try to keep hardboiled eggs in the fridge as a snack, I will often eat fried or scrambled eggs for breakfast or lunch. If I want a treat I'll soft boil an egg but very rarely

Annie Schmitz says:

Did anyone see the little smiley face in her egg yolk?

Ciao Em says:

The bacon isn't healthy!!!

Abeer Abosennah says:

How can l ripen an avocado 🥑 because it always has some rotten areas as l wait until it ripen..if you can make a video for that please

Brei Davis says:

My mom always made a rice dish for breakfast, it was rice cooked in water and milk mixed half and half with a bit of vanilla. She would add cinnamon and a bit of sugar when she served it or fruit if we had it. Comfort food for me now.

burnt chicken nugget says:

what are the measurements for the chia pudding?

Angel Villa says:

I am so spoiled by your videos!:) They are just so fun and pretty to watch!! Your recipes are also soo creative, detailed, and full of useful tips! I am very grateful for each one! Thank youuu:)

Toni LaFountain says:

I am definitely going to make the chia seed pudding!😁

Andrea Barboza says:

It's almost summer but I'm SOO making that pumpkin oatmeal. 🙂 Really love the vegan options.

Julie Noel says:

my favorite is scrabbled eggs and my store doesn't keep pumpkin all year

Shawntrying togetherhealthyback says:

great ideas

LeRhonda Jones-Bates says:

Yessssss more bkfst ideas. ..I don't know why my body suddenly can't tolerate eggs, I miss them so…so bkfst ideas are always a desire for me…thnx 😊 💜 👍

Liz Lee says:

I got my first bag of chia seeds watching too many lifestyle videos. THis looks easy enough

Marianne Wade says:

Funny that pumpkin has always been available all year but I never would be in the mood for pumpkin pie–which I love–except in fall. These days I'm in the mood for pumpkin throughout the entire season. These all look delish!

Nirrrina says:

Anti-inflamatory. Could you do a show on recipes that include foods that fight inflammation. Especially breakfast ones. And cooking with tumeric

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