FREE VEGAN FOOD | National Vegetarian Week

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Its National Vegetarian Week so i went out to see how much free vegetarian/vegan food i can get around London – Also i recently turned vegan πŸ˜€


London Hacks –…

Drunk Conversations –…

Nigerian Heir –…

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Kenya KK says:

Congrats on going vegan! It's definitely the way forward! Such a nice change than when you did the chicken wings challenge ha! I'll deffo stick around for the vegan food/hacks

dr wiener flower says:

I’m eating a salami sandwich rn

Penguinstudios123 says:

The more of your videos I watch the more I like you😹

jxr 180 says:

Why does vegan/vegetarian food cost more than normal food? Doesn't make sense to meπŸ˜‚ like in the supermarkets?

FEELING FINE AT 49 Amanda says:

I feel like a proud mum πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š I’m a huge food lover. As a vegan I miss out on nothing xxx

Oscar Hernandez says:

That milkshake taste like shit… I told you keep on the veggies world…lol.

Mohawkwizard 17 says:

You are one of my biggest roll model ever

CARS and potato gamez says:

And i and a whole bunch of people call it cRAPE jus how I call it, no insult

DrCube84 忘却 says:

When ever he finishes eating his food he sounds so inspirational

GreysFul Living says:

Ayyy go vegan homies!!

Beck Sun says:

I love your video

sonya graves says:

Happy b day!!

clayton barron says:

when u become vegan it seems like u turn into a bit of a freak

Josef Ibrahim says:

does this dude even waste money?

lepsuz says:

Happy birthday!

Hristo Dimitrov says:

love you mate.your awesome.also im vegetarian for more then 2 years and im so proud.happy that you are vegan mate.keep being you. :):):)

Aurora says:

I might turn vegan because of you

Jack Ward says:

I'm vegan

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