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Today’s recipe is a delicious lentil curry that can be adapted into a vegan curry by removing the prawns.

INGREDIENTS (to feed 4 people):
1 white onion
2 cloves of garlic
1 tblspn curry paste (I used madras curry paste)
1 tblspn curry powder
1 tblspn garam masala
1 cup red lentils (soak in water for 1 hour prior to cooking)
1 vegetable stock cube
2 cups of boiling water
1 tin coconut milk
*Prawns if desired*
1 cup rice


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Varna Maddocks says:

Ty for sharing another fabulous recipe can I ask where did you get the white casserole pan from and also the glass dispenser that you keep your oil in ty for sharing varna Tony Adrian and Thomas xxxx

Frances Rose says:

We are making this for Date Night right now! Smells delicious! We've added onion bhaji and naan bread onto the side as well. 😊

The Glow Berries says:

Huge hit with all the family for Saturday night’s tea. No need to spend out on takeaway. Thank you. X

aoife0504 says:

I've made this and Kerry, it's delicious! My 3 year old had two full bowls of it! Definitely worth a try for anyone thinking of it xxx

Anna James says:

Tried lentil soup for the first time recently, so will be giving this a go tonight!

Sharon Johnson says:

Oh it looks so good 😋. I'm going to give this a whirl and cheap as well. Xx

Kate Bridge says:

Making this tonight! ☺️xx

Laura White says:

I have a bag of red lentils in my cupboard that I have no idea how to cook , not sure I even know what lentils taste like 🤣🤣 I will be doing this recipe on Friday night 😋

Amelia Rose says:

Oh my goodness – I have just cooked this for tonights tea and it is DELICIOUS!!! Thankyou!! X

Zoe Louise Williams says:

This seems more like a Dahl??
Add some cauliflower to this to make it a cauliflower curry mmmmm😊also if you soak the rice pre cooking it then it will only take a short while to cook😊
And instead of a curry paste you can just use spices like turmeric, coriander, cumin and maybe chilli powder if you want hot 😊😊

Holly P says:

Guess what we just had for tea! After seeing this, I knew I had all of the ingredients and would have to give it a go. Wow!! Absolutely delicious and so filling. I knew it would be good from the amazing smell when cooking! This is going to be a favourite from now on- who knew vegan cooking could be so yummy! Thanks Kerry!! X

Nicola Bradley says:

cant wait to make this it looks so good!

Jecintha Kishokumar says:

Good job Kerry

justadd tea says:

I loved watching this i will look forward to watching your online recipe book eery sunday..only one thing breatheee, i speak 100miles per hour so honestly it wasnt that fast but i felt the video was moving so fast haha but honestly i love watching your notifications pop up x

Charlotte M says:

This looks yum!! X

Channel Mum says:

Oft! This look delicous Kerry. We will give this a try this coming week x

Barbara Coutinho says:

Yummmy! I just bought the same’s great xxxx

jackie 62 says:

This looks delicious, thank you.

M H says:

Great idea for a dinner in cold january 😊💖

Clare Hopkins says:

THANK YOU!!!! An other vegan friendly meal I can cook for my family (even though my husband and the kids arnt they will still eat this). It look delicious! Xxx

Joanne Dean-Waters says:

Definitely on the menu for this week xx

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