Cucumber Noodle Creamy Avocado Pesto Pasta!

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FullyRaw Cucumber Noodle Avocado Pesto Pasta! An easy and nutritious raw vegan dish that you can enjoy and share with family and friends!

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Sun Yata says:

this looks bomb

Jo Drew says:

That sause looks like it would be wonderful for zucchini noodles as well, yum!

Rafik Chbaklo says:

I love this, thank you dear.

Nevaeh Williams says:

Love it so good mmm 😏❤ love your food👌

Roxy Aedo says:

Brought this to a traditional barbecue with my friends at the shooting club (10 men that usually enjoy their cruelty meals with gusto 😔) and they LOVED IT! We even went to the supermarket to buy more ingredients and make some more! No more Viking meals without veggies 🌱 hehe 😜

Paras finn says:

Put a smile on my face. you seem to have that kind of feminin mojo

Miss L says:

I would do all that minus spirulina. It makes me nauseas everytime. Take it separate not to ruin the taste of my food

Miche Ulysse says:

How much would this cost

Elizabeth Seiden says:

I'm excited to try this dish! It looks amazing!

Ro7y Alemarat says:

Just a question what are you eating for winter 😐 or dressing?

la bohemienne says:

check out how she says "creamy"😂😂😂

Insult •the comic• inc says:

🚨 Ca$hier _ “Spirulina…beep….2 avocadoes 🥑🥑beep,beep..hemp seeds..beep..a head of kale..🥬…etc….that’ll be $78.15¢ please”
Me : ”eeehrm..I’ll just take this 35 cents Top Ramen 🍜thanks anywho!”

asc1hunnid says:

Just made it and it tast Sooo good🤤👌🏻

Shepherd boy says:

It's December. My grocery store: Cucumbers are $1.99 each, so $6.00 for the noodles. Kale is $3.99 a head. Lemons are 97cents each, and one lemon give 1/4 cup of juice, so two cups of juice requires 8 lemons so $8.00 of lemons. Celery is $2.97, so three stalks would be about $1.00. A cup of hemp seeds is about $2.50 from the bulk store. Fresh cilantro is $2.99. Fresh basil is $2.99. Avocados are $2.99 each. I have no clue about the Hawaiian Spirulina, but other greens powders average about $2.00 a serving which is 1 tbsp, so we'll say $4.00. No idea on the coconut nectar… but that much honey would be about 50cents. This meal would cost me $34.97 to make. My grocery budget is $200/month.

Haley Thomas says:

This would go good with some salmon

Panista Niharika Gajera says:

Does boiled cooked pulses include in your fully raw diet????

yogidevi maat says:

Awesome. 😀😊🧡

Mohammed Kilany says:

Tried it and I didn't like it at all

Geetika Lohani says:

Can we replace coconut nectar with something else?

Tina Bee says:

Do I use the whole cucumber or deseed it???

Prabahar Jasenthini says:

without salt , how can we eat

Alexis Rios says:

Skip to 2 minutes lol

Olivia Simmons says:

Hi Kristina, I just wondered if you had any advice…my partner and I have been vegan for 2 years now and are transitioning into fully raw! It's happened a few times where we/I have tried to transition to fully raw and made a meal for e.g. zucchini noodles and have both gotten a little bit of a nauseous/sick feeling. Nothing extreme – just a little uneasy and I wondered if you had any ideas as to why this might be. I wondered if it maybe had to do with all the extra live cultures our bodies are consuming and maybe it is just our body trying to adjust? Any insight or advice with this would be so greatly appreciated! Thank you

Gloria Ramos says:

Is it possible to loose weight eating this way?

은별 says:

U should do videos of a mukbang

Jael vv says:

Blehg I just don’t understand who she is smiling at? I live for YouTube videos and I love seeing people do their own thing without commercial power behind them, but do you think you’re on the food network? Like stop flirting with your blender…it’s so cheesy. What are you giggling at!! Why do you look at the bowl to show us the bowl is empty? Are you the host of a children’s raw vegan cooking show where your cohost is a puppet?

Loke Lani says:

Love you Kristina!!!! Your awesome!!!

Haley_270 _270 says:

It looks sooo good!

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