COZY & HYGGE self care routine & vegan quesadillas

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If you watch through you get to meet my boyfriend for the first time 🙂 Ward off that seasonal winter depression and get cozy during this polar vortex with a COZY & HYGGE self care routine & vegan quesadillas. What I did today on a cold day, and my favorite vegan quesadilla recipe! Hygge ideas, self care tips, pamper and destress 🙂



what I eat during the Canadian winter (vegan):

what i did on a CHILL summer, island day:

What is DEEP ECOLOGY? a concept all environmentalists should know:

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Andrew Applepie – Almost Winter
Surface – Loxbeats

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Kristina Lynn says:

How cold is it where you live?! Comment below!

Chris Ferdinando says:

U should start vlogs!

Shannon Brown says:

What type of oil do you use for your humidifier? I also have a cat and would like one that’s pet friendly.

frzstat says:

The temperature almost hit 70 degrees F. / 21C. in Metro Atlanta Saturday and Sunday – Groundhog Day and Superbowl Day. The groundhog saw his shadow, so 6 more weeks of Winter perhaps, but likely 3 weeks. The New England Patriots won the game. Does that means 6 more seasons of Tom Brady? I carried out the trash and walked to the mailbox (postbox?) with no shoes or socks. I'm sure the cold weather (cold to us) will return before we actually get to Spring. Hope Spring comes early for our Canadian friends!

alexis diaz says:

I love these kinds of videos:)

Cameron Bauer says:

Well, in Wisconsin it was -32F two days ago but now it’s like 40F!!! I hate it because we just got a bunch of snow and now it’s all melting🤮😰!! I love snow…

sgdramaqueen says:

It's currently 5 *C in Scotland and I am happy because it's -5 back home in Ontario! (study abroad for the win)

Jassy Mugisha says:

Almost forgot! Any free online resources you can reccomend for an aspiring environmentalist/ earth conscious person??

Jassy Mugisha says:

I'm in kenya so can't relate! Love the crystal light tho! I was hoping you could do your night time routine one of these days.

Illiamna says:

Where I live in northern Utah it's horribly cold in the morning and at night, especially when we get canyon winds. Not to mention I'm a fruitarian who has an obsession with frozen smoothies, but I make it work haha.

This recipe looks awesome, I'd love to make it for my family!

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