ASMR Eating Sounds (Whisper) – Vegan Fried Chicken, Rice, Broccoli Casserole, Mock Potato Salad

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Tonight’s dinner consisted of wild rice which is black, red, and white sushi rice-half a cup each, w/ par-boiled frozen edamames, peas and carrots. A vegan mock potato salad which consisted of firm tofu, veganaise, nutritional yeast, garlic and onion powder, turmeric, black pepper, oregano, and fresh thyme herbs. Vegan broccoli mushroom cheese casserole consisted of daiya shredded cheddar cheese, mushroom mix of shiitake, oyster, maitake, cremini, portabello, broccoli, garlic, onion, scallion. My vegan spicy chicken cutlet can be bought frozen, it is by a brand maker named Boca-if you oven bake it you get the best crispy results-it’s like eating spicy fried chicken. I usually bake mine in toaster over set at 450 deg, for 14 mins-7mins each side. Kimchi w/ everything of course. Drink is plain lemon water, and San Pellegrino Sparkling Aranciata (Orange). PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL AND LEAVE ME ANY SUGGESTIONS IN MY COMMENT BOX, THANK YOU FOR WATCHING TILL NEXT WHISPER SHHHHHHHH XOXOXOXO


Ricky Hsiao says:

Whenever you use your chopsticks like that, I feel like punching you….is that bad?

ssuleima0447 says:

I like your videos….I am a vegetarian myself not a vegan but the food you eat always looks so delicious. You are very pretty too, and have a cute soothing voice. God bless and keep on rocking.

yvette malloy says:

Fashionlover926 and sleepyminds STFU don't come for her cause I will go on u

Maddie Reath says:

Wow… seriously? 'Honor your request'???? Who do you think you are, the queen of England?????

sleepyminds says:

Yep, lost a subscriber here too. Typical entitled NYC bitch. Vegan my ass, we know you just eat this way to look good on camera. Probably stuffing your face with cheeseburgers once the camera is off.
"Why should I honor your request"
Honor my request to delete your stupid channel and go back to Korea. Maybe it'll humble your tight ass out.

0TheVegan0ThatCould0 says:

Awesome video! I'm a vegetarian (workin my way to Vegan) and your food looks SOOO good.

mcbari13 says:

Wow, i can't believe that you would be so ignorant and rude to one of your viewers that was just simply asking a request…thumbs down, there are much more talanted asmrist that can be watched. There's need to have that rude attitude with a viewer that was just asking a request and her comment wasnt even rude in one bit.

Schlachtrind says:

Holy crap, why would you respond like a bitch to such a polite comment ? :O

Foodie619 says:

The loud-ass snoring after the 16 minute mark is hilarious! ASMR-not! lol

Foodie619 says:

Your request was not rude in the least, she was the rude one. I actually prefer eating vids with no talking. Allow me to recommend DolceFoodie, she is my favorite, youll love her πŸ™‚

Foodie619 says:

I absolutely agree, I found that response to be really bitchy too. I actually prefer ASMR eating vids with NO talking, so I found it to be a reasonable request worded very nicely. No subscriber here either.

Sally Jeon says:

Are you Vegan?

Justin Ly says:

600th sub! <3

Tantheman93 says:

Why all vegan? Just curious

JoeC7711 says:

@William Monteith cry us a river! "You lost a subscriber!" Wooow because you were so important to her channel…..

William Monteith says:

Wow, fuck you. If you're going to do asmr, maybe you should actually be nice to your viewers. You just lost a subscriber. There are people much nicer and deserve views more than you do. She said NOTHING rude to you at all.

Acacia nivique says:

Actually, I am subscribed to your channel and I absolutely love your videos. I literally did not want to sound rude… There's a lot of people who over react to comments because they read them incorrectly. Forgive me, I won't request anything again.

JinxythecatM says:

I have not looked into vegan foods a lot. But as someone who has had a lot of vegan products, do u think that vegan foods might have more preservatives and/or have been more processed than non-vegan products? You know, so that they would become better tasting or to imitate the texture of the non-vegan kinds?

nycislandgirly says:

To start a comment off with "not trying to sound rude at all," is an oxymoron. "Not trying to sound rude at all," please tell me why should I honor your request when you haven't even subscribed to my channel?!

Acacia nivique says:

Not trying to sound rude at all, but do you think you could do some videos where it's just eating sounds?? Just because it can be more relaxing without the talking for some people πŸ™‚

RJ says:

And eat sishi πŸ™‚

RJ says:

Can you fo an ASMR tour of your closet? You seam to be fashionable.

Noble says:

the whole act of eating (like sleeping) is something i find boring lol. i wish i could get all my sustenance from a pill or something. what's funny is, i do clean up before eating.. i just.. iunno.. i suck.

nycislandgirly says:

i just enjoy cooking, it puts me in a peaceful, tranquil state of mind. if you don't like to clean up afterwards, here is my suggesstion to you…try and clean everything wash everything before you eat…lol works all the time for me, lazy Shaman! hehehe^o^

Noble says:

i'm just amazed at how many different foods you fit into one meal. normally when i eat a meal, it's just one thing. are you a chef or do you just enjoy cooking? πŸ™‚ you're sweet.. but no, if it wasn't for natural foods and packaged foods, i'd probably starve to death. i like food, but i don't like spending a long time cooking or cleaning up afterwards. i'm so lazy…

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