5 vegan recipes EVERYONE needs to know!!!

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Here are 5 delicious vegan recipes that you need to know. Whether you are a new vegan, or longtime herbivore, THESE RECIPES ARE FOR YOU!!!

maple mustard tempeh salad https://youtu.be/KyTcY5CKtr0
how to make a bomb salad https://youtu.be/yXMz9P1YHgM
red beans & rice https://youtu.be/h_mJo8Nf9Uc
black eyed peas https://youtu.be/LD7ar8si1Hk
coconut black bean soup https://youtu.be/_2DaXMTOBHM
buddha bowl meal plan https://youtu.be/1ihAPzjPLFo
tofu scramble https://youtu.be/2TbVT48jEUg

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milasheart says:

I just stumbled upon your page. I saw SweetPotatoSoul and clicked and I'm glad. I'm a 51year old African American mom and grandmother and my fiance and I just watched a Show called "What the Health". Yeah were done lol. I don't eat pork and I haven't for over 10years and I know if I can do that I can start to eat a little healthier. I work a full time job and I teach Zumba. I just recently found that one of medications is making me gain weight. I've lost about 5lbs but I know I can do more. Your video is probably the best one I've seen so far in my quest to find something I like and is affordable. I will subscribe to your channel. Thanks hun I needed this today!

Denise Ertl says:

Buddha bowls! I am only six months into a vegetarian diet and I need to explore these meals more.

Star L. says:

I recognize that art piece behind you from “The Body Keeps the Score,” have you read it? I’m assuming you like it a lot! Currently reading

Ellie G. says:

new favorite vegan channel omg!! thank you so much for breaking it down from us. love seeing healthy, joyful vegans!!

B.A.D. Dickie says:

ouu which salad spinner is this?

A New Day says:

In case anyone would like to try.

Mathias Wæver says:

Too much talking.

Madge Mathews says:

Love your videos! New to plant based eating and you have some great information and ideas!! Thanks so much for sharing! New Subbie and I have a YT channel too for home decor and lifestyle! 😀

B.A.D. Dickie says:

Is that a small instant pot? because I need one. Mine is like giant.

madame ovaries says:

What the hell does everybody have against iceberg! It's freaking deeeeelish! 😩

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