10 Homemade Nut & Non-Dairy Milks, Vegan Recipes + FREE EBOOK!

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We’re going crazy with non-dairy milks! 10 recipes for different types of homemade milks—Learn how to make cashew milk, almond coconut, hemp, banana, sesame, soy milk and more!

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Raluca Dudescu says:

I love these ideas! Thank you for sharing them. Dear, you are a treasure!

Himanshi aggarwal says:

Please make a video on how we can use the residue.

KJV Only says:


Becenk Joter says:

Love all the ingridient ❤️❤️

27Kathrine says:

I'm a vegan and I find plant-based milk quite expensive. So, I'm happy to have found this channel for making plant-based milks. I've downloaded your free "Non-Dairy Milks" eBook 🙂 Thank you <3

CMV Robison says:

These recipes are awesome! Thank you! Can we not simply use a strainer?

Thank you for your video!

Evan Murnighan says:

LOVED this video. Would love to get your very generous offer of an ebook but link doesn't work any longer on my PC or my IPhone. Thank you for all you do for us!!

Carl Schleicher says:

Nice video, very interesting. I may have to try my hand at making some of these.

lelolo tv says:

우와 신기하네요 잘보고 감니다 ㅎㅎㅎ 👍👍👍😄😊😁🤗very very nice good !!!

scrubl0rd says:

Just note that rice milk is very high glycemic index so it's not particularly healthy except to use after heavy exercise to re-energize quickly

Jessica Rebecca says:

All these milks and people still want milk from cows that’s not even for them…

Eulaee Miller says:

Love them all thank you

Being Better says:

I drink cow's milk, but the thumbnail was too gorgeous not to click!

Super Luigi says:

I think cows milk has the worst taste but I’m not vegan

nikki says:

I cannot believe how easy it is to make coconut milk! I have a whole bag of coconut flakes chilling in my fridge – definitely gonna make some soon! I recently made oat milk, now you've given me the inspiration to try other types. Ty!

ismeralda langga says:

I will try all of it soon

Rose Leger says:

What are best ways to wash those nut milk bags?

Tychi Chan says:

This is the best thing I watched, today

Tanya Sutherland says:

How am I just finding this now? Thank you for this video! I've been making plant milk myself but really enjoy the creative ideas!

Shiloh Women says:

Fantastic video

Becenk Joter says:

When i was a child.. i used to make soy milk with pandan leaf as the additional flavour beside the vanilla.. it's awesome.. u should try it

FxKali says:

Do you know how I could macro track this?

Mageh Lan says:

Can this milk help me to gain weight?

Egle Markeleviciute says:

Subscribing! Amazing ideas!

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