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VEGAN NUTELLA & CHIA SEED JAM » easy homemade recipes

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00:00 Intro
00:48 Easy vegan “Nutella”:
03:25 Easy berry chia seed jam:
05:14 Outro

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❤ Sadia


ProgressiveHeart says:

Sadia, you are so sweetly beautiful, with such a pleasant voice and delivery. (I’m a cis old woman, so this comes straight from the heart.)
Your videos are such high quality. And your recipes are superb! I’ve just gotten into chia seeds (like in oatmeal), so chia jam sounds perfect. Wild Maine blueberry jam, and peach melba (peaches and raspberries) jam, just yum!

Oldatheart 19 says:

is there an alternative to dates in the vegan nutella? (since it's not winter yet and they can't be found in stores yet)

Straw 🍓 Berry says:

Your channel is a life changer…. Soo goood recipes

kym Maxwell-perrin says:

This is amazing this jam I made it today for my baby girl and the whole family loved it thank you so much xx

Faiza Hanif says:

How long would these last? As they don't have preservatives in it


Shelf life?

sadiqa khan says:

I made the Nutella and my god was it delicious and so spot on to the store bought one!

Roshni Hassan says:

Can u use peanuts , almonds or walnuts instead of hazelnuts?would that taste good?

Maha Fatima says:

I want to make these but I wonder how long the shelf life would be as these don’t have preservatives like the store-bought kind

Sanz Torres says:

Jam is succulent

melanie bollhalder says:

I remember eating a whole glass of nutella with a spoon in my teens. Now that I make it myself with your recipe I don't even like the processed nutella anymore.

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anu deshmukh says:

Sadia is my nutella now a days 🌷😝💁💕

nat says:

but why does my berries smell like puke when i put them in the microwave they just start bubbling up with this gross smell

Daren Forrer says:

They look very easy and healthy, I wanna try it. But where should I keep the jam, fridge or outside?

save earth says:

You've made my vegan life so easier..

save earth says:

It's 3.41 million subs now..

surovi tanvi says:

How long I can store them?

Pangat says:

Yummy 😋😋

Eugenia Soares says:

I use avocado for the Nutella spread and coco milk

Sandra & Geronimo's Kitchen says:

Thank you for sharing you have a wonderful channel. Love it 🇺🇸🇩🇪🇲🇽👍

Casey J says:

I would demolish that nutella

Paula Moors says:

Love this, so easy.

Amy Z says:

Bravo! What Amazing ideal! Thaaaank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Vero's books says:

Thank you so much, I'm hooked. Both recipes are amazing and satisfying.

Anjella Magdaraog-Rebueno says:

hi Sadia, i'm so excited to try this recipe. curious question though. can we use monk fruit instead of maple syrup? thanks!

Tram Nguyen says:

I eat the jam on its own and add more chia seeds as if it’s chia pudding! So nutritious and I get most of my daily fiber in a snack!

bankoji says:

Looks good but I would leave out the coconut oil and possibly the maple syrup too, to really make it even healthier.

Gina Victoria says:

This video was missing the homemade penut butter 🙁

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