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Will a VEGAN 3-year-old turn down coke and ice-cream? + 10 other Questions

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While mummy was sleeping Dan thought it would be interesting to see what Beth, our three-year-old would do if offered unhealthy/non-vegan treats. He also asked her a bunch of other questions and her responses were too cute not to share!!!

Questions for Beth:

➳ What’s your name?
➳ How old are you?
➳ Who are your friends?
➳ Do you want some of that (coke)?
➳ Do you want some of this Beth (Dairy Ice Cream)?
➳ Do we drink cow’s milk?
➳ Do you like cheese?
➳ Are you going to share your toys with your Brother?
➳ When do you reckon he’s going to come?
➳ What’s his name?
➳ Is he going to have a willy?
➳ Do you think he will cry a lot?
➳ Are you going to help mummy?
➳ What are your favourite vegetables?

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