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What would you do?

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Hi friends! How’s the day treating ya? The week is off to a pretty great start. Yesterday, I had breakfast with a friend and taught a spin class later that evening, and today, I have two podcast interviews. The show will be back the week of June 3 and I have so many fun and informative episodes headed your way. 


[The decaf almond milk latte at Cartel is my fave]

Lunch was a huge smoothie and piece of sourdough, 

and for dinner, we had this shrimp pasta with sautéed zucchini and bell peppers. I just sautéed the shrimp with butter, garlic, lemon zest, and a little parmesan, and served it with angel hair noodles. It was one of this easy and super quick dinners that the girls loved. They’re huge fans of anything with shrimp right now.

Dont pin this terrible photo

(Our kitchen lighting at night is gorgeous, I tell ya)  

For today, I have a random question for you: if you went back to school or chose another profession, what would you do?

I’ve thought about going back to school for years now. While I don’t think it’s going to be anytime super soon – there’s kind of a lot happening behind the scenes – I often daydream about the time when it happens. It’s funny because in college, I always thought it was “so cute” when “old” (old = 30+) people were in my classes. Like, “Oh, there’s Jan, raising her hand to show she knows the answer for every question.” And one day that will be me lol.

Gina Harney Favorites 0049

I finished half of my MBA in Valdosta (my Bachelor’s is in Finance from the U of A) and to be honest, right now, I don’t really see myself finishing it. What would I do if I had my MBA? Probably what I’m doing right now: running my own business, but with enhanced skills and knowledge under my belt. I thought it would be fascinating to go back to school to be a Physical Therapist, or possibly go to acupuncture school. Those are my top two right now. If you could go back to school for anything, and time and tuition didn’t matter, what would you do?

I’m excited to read these comments!

Have a wonderful day.



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Beautycounter 575x575

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