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What I Eat in a Day | Easy Vegan Recipes | Episode 2 | The Edgy Veg

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Continuing down the path she started on earlier Candice brings you another “What I eat in a Day” video. Just like the last one there are multiple easy vegan recipes you craft right at home with just a little bit of effort. Get your day started the Vegan way, with Candice.

In contrast to her last “What I Eat in a Day” Video Candice is starting her day with a Chocolate Mint Smoothie. Before she gets to the smoothie though it’s time for another ginger shot. After several user requests for the contents of her ginger shot she breaks down the contents for us which include: ginger, apple, turmeric and cayenne. After downing a shot with James she moves onto her smoothie recipe.

She kicks off her smoothie by adding about a cup of Almond Milk to her food processor, mint flavored chlorophyll, raw maca crue, cacao, coconut palm sugar, almond butter, and half a frozen banana. Once that’s all together in her container she blends it until smooth.

Moving right on to lunch time Candice discovers a cauliflower head in her fridge and decides to make cauliflower wings for lunch. She separates the cauliflower out into medium sized pieces, puts them in a mixing bowl and adds a bit of oil to them mixing well. She then takes the coated cauliflower pieces and bakes them in the oven for 20 minutes.

After they are baked she pulls them out and starts the breading process. She adds a healthy amount of organic unbleached white flour to her mixing bowl but reminds the viewers that any flour they prefer would be fine. She adds onion powder, white pepper, chili powder, garlic powder, and finally some salt. She mixes all that well with a whisk and then dumps her cauliflower right into the flour mixture. She tosses them well evenly coating each crown and then put them each in egg replacer and breads them again. After the breading is complete she deep fries her cauliflower creations and puts them on a plate covered with paper towels to soak up the extra grease. She then puts them into a mixing bowl and pours in hot sauce mixing the deep fried cauliflower goodness around to get an even coating. Evenly coating anything that is fried is crucial during every step of the recipe.

For dinner Candice has made her own pizza dough in a bread maker and is going to whip up waffle pizza pockets, but before that she decides it’s snack time. After digging around in her fridge she discovers some leftover carrot cake that doesn’t last long. Now that snack time is over Candice brings her focus back to dinner. Gathering all her ingredients together she lists her meat substitutes as meatless chorizo, slow roasted vegan chicken, and oven roasted vegan turkey slices.

In a skillet she fries up her assortment of meats slightly browning them. After that she breaks out her rolling pin and rolls her pizza dough out into a good sized flat oval shape. Once that’s done she puts the dough right over her open waffle maker, adds some home made pasta sauce, vegan Parmesan, and a healthy amount of her fried meats. She folds over the extra dough creating the top of her waffle pizza pocket and closes the lid cooking the pizza pocket just long enough to bake the dough. Once done she cuts it in half and names her unusual creation the “Waffle Pizza Pocket Extravaganza”.

That concludes Episode 2 of The Edgy Veg’s “What I Eat in a Day” series. As you have seen from the video it’s not a difficult task to stay Vegan and eat great tasting food. Please feel free to leave comments or questions and thanks so much for watching.

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