VLOG: Ulta Must Haves, Backyard Renovation Plans, Vegan Nachos

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ulta must haves and mini swatch party, our plans for our backyard renovation, and our fav little lunch!

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Ulta Links:

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Angie Soto says:

Luv veggie grill and green tomatoes ❤️❤️

Sarah Evonne says:

where is your yellow Arizona sweatshirt from? I love it

Chrissy says:

No seriously, you just made me crave Nachos and its not even lunch yet! hahaha

Briana Renee says:

When you apologized for the kids driving I died LOL

Chrissy Tea Time says:

Your outdoor lounge sofa can be placed on hand wash cold cycle at your local laundromat.
It is equipped to handle sofa cushions that large.

No Name says:

where is the link to her fabulous lashes?! Love the video!!!

Ismael solis_10 says:

Hey!!! I saw how you asked for some suggestions for your back yard!! In the LA area there is a guy named Lone Fox who is really good at renovations for small spaces. Check him out!!!✨🙏🏼💞

Dani says:

Please do a review on the ulta tanners when you try them please!! 🙂

lala rocha says:

I love you guys did u notice on 26:10 on the cement it looked like a little boys face painted with the dirt so cool!!!!
Can you do a look on your makeup at the beginning of the video love it looks so good on you girl 👧

Am Kaur says:

Your mask is so cute🤩🤩🤩

Taiina Jordan says:

100% feel you on the patience thing!!

Elina says:

I love that hairstyle on you! I tried it out myself but I can't make myself look any older then 12 years old lol #babyface

Mia Ramos says:

never fails to make my day!! love you two🤍🤍🤍

Brittany Rivera says:

I love how intertwined you and Clayton are. You literally said Infallable and he said L’oréal ?! like that’s straight up goals. I love you guys 🥰💘

Jenna Myers says:

What’s the song at 13:03??

Originataly says:

I love when you guys get different angle and stuff. It make the vlog more entertaining! I love it 😻

Forever Samma says:

I love this look today ✨

Kelly Pawlowich says:

PLEASE never change your intro song cause I have a dance party every time I watch!!! 🎵🎵🎵👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️

Kristen Young says:

DELANEY why are you so pretty ?! 😍🥺

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