Vegetable Paella

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I made this vegan deliciousness for dinner last night. Mr. Fox loved the colorful collection of veggies and arborio rice as much as I did. Ingredients are listed below — feel free to experiment!

Vegetable Paella
Ingredients for 4 generous servings
Olive oil
1 green bell pepper
1 orange bell pepper
salt and pepper
Quartered artichoke hearts from a 14 ounce can, drained
Grape tomatoes (20 or so)
Seasoning mixture: 1 tablespoon each garlic powder and onion powder; 2 teaspoons paprika, and 1 teaspoon ground turmeric
1 cup arborio rice
1 cup vegetable stock mixed with 1 cup dry white wine
Chickpeas from a 15.5 ounce can, drained and rinsed
1 cup petite green peas (I used frozen/thawed)
Crushed red pepper flakes, if desired
Sliced black olives for garnish
Fresh or dried flat-leaved parsley for garnish


Chris Mergener says:

I was wondering if Mr. Fox ever cooks for you? Do you get a break ftom cooking all that tasty food?

Kathrin Weber says:

Thank you for the inspiration! I appreciate the vegetarian/vegan recipes added in with all your other yummy recipes! I'll be making this soon. There are some great vegan sausages. I think I'll add some!

Shirley Welch says:

Loves wonderful, will be preparing soon ~ thank you for sharing

Helen says:

Looks great, Kevin…I'm always looking for vegan recipes 👍 I love your kitchen and garden videos…you're the best!

Maureen Ritoridis says:

A definite dish I will make, as I love vegetables .will add hot peppers to make it spicy !!👍💖

listenstowindjh47 says:

Kevin, I’ve never eaten paella before so I made your paella recipe this evening. Wow! A super delicious meal. Thank you!

Kathryn Socci says:

A great vegetarian meal that is not disguised as a drum stick or hamburger. Looks delicious, a. Chunk of crusty bread with that….yum

Carolyn Phillips says:

Thanks Kevin, love chickpeas and love to see new recipes, especially your recipes.

Mary Mauldin says:

I think this would be good with chicken.

Sheila L Brown says:

Could you add chicken or pork of some kind

Tiffany Velotta says:

Wow very nice! Thank you so much 😊❤️🙏 I could almost taste it through my computer 😊👍❤️hope your foot is doing better!?

listenstowindjh47 says:

Thank you for the recipe Kevin. Going to make this later today. Appreciate the non meat dish.

Jean Jennings says:

I'm doing a similar dish for dinner this evening, only I AM adding shrimp and sausages! Thanks for the seasonings suggestion!

Donna Bigley says:

Mr Fox is a very lucky man. He gets to eat what you make. ❤️

Virginia Valentin says:

Hallelujah indeed! I just happen to have all the ingredients on hand and that usually doesn't happen! This perfect for a meatless Monday but I sure would enjoy your paella with a piece of fresh cod fillet.

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