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Veganuary Recipes With Gordon Ramsay | Part Two

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Here are a few vegan friendly recipes to help make Veganuary that much easier. Remember you can swap out items for alternatives if they don’t suit your dietary needs.

Watch part one here –

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Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit –

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Stril says:

that vegan teacher would love to see this lmao

Alexandra Tabares says:

All right I see Gordon Ramsay cooking with just food for carnivores and it was very exquisite to watch but now that I’ve watched his vegetarian cuisine’s his knowledge and refinement just takes vegetarianism into a whole other level. Impressive

Amy אָהַב says:

Vegan from my head TO•MA•TOES!

courtney fox says:

A banana fritters in NZ is a battered banana coated in sugar and cinnamon this we would call a doughnut ❤️

foxyblonde73 says:

Thank you x

Jameeca Murphy says:

Looks amazing! But a lot of oil

Pamela Gillen says:

I am sorry but as a chef I was really hoping he would embrace the whole food plant-based diet which does not include cooking with oil. The meals look great but I have to adapt every single one. Come on let’s get healthy, no more deep frying less salt And justo healthy Whole Foods😘

Dominic Galloway says:

I'm happy he's making vegan recipes now. I always tell people that not all us plant based folk are crazy and think the world needs to go vegan, but everyone should have plenty of fruit and veggies in their diet. I also blow people's minds when they destroy the food I make and forgot that it was even vegan.

Annie Esther says:

A very sharp, quality knife is needed to slice a pineapple that thin.

The Vegetarian Channel says:

So glad he is finally exploring plant based eating!

Dailydriver says:

I love when he cooks vegan food I hope this continues!

hęïdî Søõōõ says:

Yeah skipped the messy Pomegranate stuff. Was hoping to find out not looking like a murder victim after cutting one of these apples open.

huang jack says:

The gigantic quicksand specially knot because silver anaerobically separate anenst a cumbersome fiberglass. healthy, foamy plough

Jodie Masterson says:

Fried banana bread? I think yes!

cristobal d.g. says:

i am amazed gordon is now making vegan recipees, it is pretty awesome, it would be cool to see him meet some vegan famous chefs to try their food and some new recipees.

Bob Menat says:

Thank you for being the bigger man, love!

mikey moet says:

There’s a vegetarian bent to many of his recipes, but when he ventures in to meats, he smashes it! Michelin Gordon Ramsay ☆

Hayley Hunter says:

"rub. banana." "start. crushing." he's like a robot, I'm dead hahaha. yum recipes.

Paulina Ziobrowska says:

Can wait to be able to go home to make feast for parents and using their organic tomatoes ,peppers and cucumbers( no pineapple 😂) hopefully this year..

Paulina Ziobrowska says:

Can wait to be able to go home to make feast for parents and using their organic tomatoes ,peppers and cucumbers( no pineapple 😂) hopefully this year..

Michele Leckner says:

Happy to see these recipes are actually vegan unlike the first video. Would love to see him do a collaboration with Gaz Oakley, that guy is a freaking genius

That_Recipe says:

because of "no set recipe" my gazpacho turned out scheisse

Ricardo Whittle says:

Lovely, but i would like to see more savory dishes too.

Eireann Palmer says:

Wheb he looked at the pinapple he was like 2 years old. It was amazing. I know the feeling mate

Thierry Maine says:

All those close-up camera moves and the fact that he speaks to us like if we are having sex together gets annoying…

Gina Renee says:

I love this series…I've been a fan for years and I recently turned vegan (plant based)

Haiche-Caribbean says:

You're making a dough that you will add ripe banana to and you're adding SUGAR????
What's wrong with people?!?!?!?

Aries Lee says:

Wow! Amazing, please do more vegan recipes.

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