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Vegan Ramen | Tasty Vegan Ramen Recipe You Won't Believe How Delicious & Flavorful It Is!!

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🍀 Vegan Ramen
For Broth
2 bulbs of garlic, cut into halves (approximately 20 cloves of garlic)
3 to 4 large slices ginger
2 large leek, cut into halves in lengthwise and washed well
10 to 12 oz Korean radish or carrot
10”x10” dried kelp
10 to 12 dried shiitake mushrooms
18 cups water
1 tsp msg or salt

For Miso Tare
1/2 cup red miso
2 tbsp chili oil or lao gan ma
3 tbsp Yondu

For Toppings & Noodles
3 king oyster or your choice of mushrooms, sliced into 1/3”
2 Tbsp Seonkyoung’s house sauce or sweet soy sauce
1 tbsp coconut oil or plant based butter
1 can sweet corn
Pinch of salt
4 servings fresh, frozen or dried ramen noodles
4 green onions, chopped
Dried & toasted seaweed/nori
Fried shallot


Seonkyoung Longest says:

Thank you so much for watching my queens! 👑 Get written recipe & nutritional facts on my website 👉🏼

먹고걷는재이Jei says:

It can never fail. I'll try this. Thank you for sharing 😀

Phuong Linh says:

dear seonkyoung, i love your recipes, you’re one of few i really trust, i just know that i‘ll end up with something delicious if i‘m cooking with you. now thanks to you i‘m eating vegan/vegetarian dishes more and more 🙂

N M says:

Great recipe
But can Is there any way to replace yondu? I don’t think I can find where I am

Just Lisa says:

I wish I was your neighbor and in my thinking we would become best friends 🤤🤣😅… wishful thinking 🤔 just started watching your videos and absolutely love them 🤩🤩🥰🥰

Jenna Jezor says:

eonni can i use 대파?

King Surendra says:

Wow!! This looks so good!! 😊 I have to try to make this one day! Thank you for teaching the world how to make this amazing dish! Keep up the great work!! 😇🙏

M G says:

Unrelated but does anyone know what song is playing at the very beginning of the video? Thanks in advance

Robyn Caddell says:

Lol the whispering msg

DreamM says:

That’s awesome

Martina Rizq says:

Can you make a recipe for vegan boba milk tea?

Truth of Tarot says:

This is amazing, the garlics are the game changer.

Joi cy says:

She's so beautiful 😍

Terri Carroll says:

Love the spoon, very kool.

Lilo Hüpp says:

you are amazing

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