Vegan Mac 'n' Cheese ☆ Homeroom in Oakland

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Take a peek inside Homeroom in Oakland, an all-mac ‘n’ cheese restaurant with amazing vegan and gluten-free options. Join me as I chow down on vegan food!

It’s Vegan MoFo: Month of Food! 30 Days. 4 weeks. 4 challenges. Here at we’ll be doing four challenges throughout the month of September. The goal? Debunk myths about vegan food. I hope you’ll join in!

Week 1 ★ Gluten-Free!
Week 2 ★ Raw!
Week 3 ★ Vegan on $5/Day!
Week 4 ★ Restaurant-A-Day!

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Amos Love says:

I'm not veg but I have tried some vegan cheese's… they are nasty…I've tried at least four… no thanks

Jeremy Occhipinti says:

Thanks for the video review — heading there now!!

HealthNut Nutrition says:

that looked so tasty!

imgingi says:

Good idea. Will do.

Tashina Combs says:

Omg. I love the idea of someone thinking he's being super serious. That almost makes it even more funny! And yes! Let's go very soon!!!!

Vegan Yack Attack says:

If you get the Artisan Vegan Cheese book from Miyoko Schinner, she has an amazing, grate-able parmesan recipe in there!

Tashina Combs says:

Omg. Dan is cracking me up at the end!

Tashina Combs says:

I still need to go to this place! I walk by it every time I go to Timeless and just need to stop in sometime.

imgingi says:

I would love to try, problem is it's available mostly on the west cost (you calis are lucky, we know), and I don't want to buy my cheese online…so…I'm stuck.

imgingi says:

disagree. have not found a proper replacement to parmesano ragiano. If someone out there can direct me, I'll be thankful.

Girl In Transition says:

Looks so amazing

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