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Vegan Japanese Savory Pancake – Okonomiyaki: with macaroni? Will it be good?🤔

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Today I’m sharing a common dish in Japan, okonomiyaki!
In Taiwan, it’s not a cheap eat!😭
Actually, you just need simple ingredients to make this.
Once you’ve mastered this, you won’t need to run out to enjoy this.
The nice thing is you can also change up the ingredients and add in what you like.😍
It’s not only tasty but a filling recipe as well.
I was a bit creative as I added cooked macaroni which adds another layer of texture to this.😁
You can all try it too! Sauces can also be changed depending on your preference.
I think soy sauce paste and mayonnaise really goes well together.
Once you get the hang of this, you can enjoy it anytime of day.
Let’s make this together!🙏

Vegan Japanese Okonomiyaki (Makes 2-3 portions)
80g firm tofu
30g macaroni
60g Taiwnese cabbage
50g carrot
50g king oyster mushroom
30g whole kernel corn
40g kimchi
shredded seaweed (kizami nori)
seaweed flakes/powder (aonori)

100g(1/2 cup) cake flour
100g(1/2 cup) water

5g(3 tsp) salt
3g(2 tsp) white pepper

Sauces (all vegan):
barbeque sauce
soy sauce paste / vegetarian oyster sauce



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