Vegan Homemade Pasta

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Vegan Homemade Pasta
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The Pasta Queen says:

Have you tried homemade vegan pasta before?

Bethany White says:

More gluten free vegan recipes please!!! 😍😍

Spriternador says:

POV you visit your aunt:

Cruz Cruz says:

She’s like the queen of wheat 🌾

Cruz Cruz says:

Fuck yea‼️

claudette bailey says:

Hello from Cape Town love your videos😂

Portrait of a Free Woman of Color says:

She is the Cardi B of pasta

Gladys Garcia says:

In the US, a good gluten free dry pasta you can buy is the Tinkyada brand. No mushiness at all! I look forward to trying this out

Shannon Pasold says:

Pasta and bread are the HARDEST for those who can’t have gluten. This looks awesome!

Linh Ngo says:

You and your pastas are just gorgeous, ma’m 😍😍😍😍😍so much enjoyed and hungry too everytime watching your videos, lol . I subscribed just to not skip any videos of yours ❤️
From a Vietnamese admirer.

Marta Daniela Cardozo Quinteros says:

I need to know the GF flour brand!

RPD Ghouls says:

yes! more gluten free recipes PLEAASE!

BadNBruja says:

Her brother is so hot to me for some reason 😂

Beverly Montgomery says:

Awesome 😎

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