Vegan Food Taste Test

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Could you tell the difference between vegan and real meat while blindfolded? GMM #726!
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Rockas360 says:

What's the beef with the tomatoes!?

Nathaniel Gonzalez says:

I sad link doesnt say as you can see we can't

Cruz TheRipper says:

You need to compare 2 dishes that are the same.

Jali Sa says:

You know its an old video when link his hair is like this

Kyle Stewart says:

I understand that most people have foods they just really don’t like but how can a tomato actually disgust you this much? Tomatoes barely even taste like anything. It’s not like liver or blood sausage.

Giovanna Filartiga says:

I wish my middle school cafeteria food looked as good as that. 5:32

Jon SpeedArts says:

Vegan or Vegan't?

PizzaLovingNerd Gaming says:

I feel bad for Rhett and Link’s blender…

Nelly Reed says:

I get so annoyed by link. He ruins the fun. Just chill man

Cassie Cornett says:

Oh they need to do this challenge again in 2019 because ….. #Beyondmeat

TwitchNuB says:

Rewatching this and there was Jimmy Dean ad haha

Janet Kuhn says:

Well that's how donkey lippen started😂😂

Issa Knive says:

7:30 the birth of the donkey lip

Willydicks says:

any one else watching this in the Mesopotamian era?

Ashton Kade says:

I came back, and found the origin of the DONKEY LIPPIN' TECHNIQUE

Jasmine Giles says:

They’re so country lol 😂

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