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Lorena Rueda says:

Iam from México, This is so good ! You are so cute ! Thanks for sharing all this amazing recipes 🙌🏼🤤💕

Melinda Ahmed says:

I lovvve your videos! You're such a natural behind the camera 😁

Be Your Own Force Of Nature says:

☀️🍃”your recipes have made my family so happy! My son, particularly, wants to make this recipe! Thanks, honey and, I’ve subscribed!”👌🏻💛💚💫

Mike Skylark says:

YUM! WOULD devour this whole tray! Also the video production is getting better! 🙂

Global CookingJoy says:

Great recipe will try it thanks


Mexican INSPIRED please stop appropriating cultures. This is something vegan cuisine does all of the time and it's something to be conscious of especially as a content creator. I rlly like ur videos, keep going but u must be a bit more self aware

M. B. says:

Sehr sympathisch und herzlich wie du alles vermittelst, mach unbedingt weiter so und bleib dir selbst treu in deiner Art 🙂

Vicky Cooper says:

How long have you been speaking English? Its amazing!

hlongs hlongs says:

Your so pretty, such a great video thanks for sharing young lady.

rayhannaikwadi says:

Its so easy ❤️ I will try it

Incog 0 says:

Got here from instagram. Love the page, love the channel. Keep it up

still a piece of garbage says:

Hi du! Super hilfreich deine videos!! Keep it going.. 💪🏼
Mich würde interessieren wann und wie du so gut kochen gelernt hast und wie lange du schon vegan lebst? 🌱
Liebe grüße!! 🙂

Sabrina K. says:


Hania Lopez says:

For a mexican tomatoe sauce just blend tomatos, onion, garlic and chili pepper, then seasone it and done✨

Wife New Life! says:

I love your Youtube Channel!! Great recipe!

Maria thoma says:


n4given2 says:

Das werde ich unbedingt versuchen vorzubereiten! Kann man auch Tomatenpaste benutzen?

Candela Viso says:

Can't wait to try this recipe😍🤤🤤 Thank you Maya💕

Dani says:

You’re so friendly and nice, and I love how you make vegan food so accessible and appealing! I’m also amazed at how much content you put out! Congrats Maya keep up the good work 🙂

theGOAT says:

Sehr tolles Video!
Nur ein Tipp: Beim nächsten Mal mit der Kamera vllt etwas mehr rauszoomen, sodass man dich und die Arbeitsplatte "gleichzeitig" sehen kann. Ich hoffe du konntest meinen Gedanken folgen😅

DeutscherMiner says:

Du bist so cute. Ich mag deine positiven Vibes total, immer am grinsen. Und super leckeres Essen 😍

R P says:

Looks so delicious! These are getting better every week!

Caro S says:

They look amazing! Which vegan cheese did you use?

Lisa F. says:

Looks amazing!🧡🌱

Tarek Jamo says:

Yumm tasty!

samia aldabbagh says:

amazing Maya .. well done looks delicious 🙂

The Real Cooking Diaries says:

Amazing video once again, Maya!!! The enchiladas look amazing 😍 will give them a go tomorrow! Keep it up, you’re doing great!! 💗 Have a good day!

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