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Vegan couple vlog what we eat in a day raw vegan nachos,berry &chocolate peanut butter smoothies

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Thanks for watching hope you enjoyed the recipes.
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How did we meet


KC baby says:

I like yall

Nostalgic Creature says:

Omg that looks terrible 🥺…. I know it's good for me… Maybe one day.

Yellow Diamond says:

“ Don’t call it a nightmare!”

“It was cause you wasn’t there!”❤️

Totally adorable moment!! 🥰❤️

Moonie Bo says:

raw veganism is for everybody. lets go!

Rianna P says:

It’s funny that you guys both had similar dreams😂

Caramel360 says:

A lot of smoothies call for bananas but I don't like them, so what can you use to replace them

What is life? says:

Your smile😍

Tamekalifestyle Schwartz says:

😅😅😅 you guys omg I love y'all

KayleeCaresYoga says:

I love yall energy haha. Cheers!

Voncile Wilkins says:

I’m in the valley of decisions right now on which weight-loss journey to go with. I need to loose quickly because of my health 🤷🏽‍♀️ those smoothies looked good even the chocolate one and I don’t like chocolate like that only chocolate candies.

Marvella Wilson says:

I want some

amanda harland says:

I dont have any oats but i have pecans, i think ill have that meat on taco salad for lunch, ill have to play with the seasons i have too

SweetCherry 16 says:


Tia Robinson says:

I'm so glad I came across your channel oh my God you make my day he loves you both of y'all stupid as hell I mean that in a good way you got me crying over here to your

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