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High Carb Hannah says:

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jothriny says:

srry to tell but you looks very messy, the atmosphere around as well..

Brandi Glanders says:

Just went to check out Stella’s videos. She’s no longer vegan 😢

Da boings says:

At 1:57 she said before the bananas melt BANANAS CAN MELT😨😮😐😶

Marta Wojciechowicz says:

I usually add in a tsp of flax seeds (before blending) so it tastes more creamy. Plus you get extra vitamins from the seeds. 🙂

Connie Ursachi says:

Homemade bread and jam mukbang😋👌🍞🍓🍒🍑

Chill Zone says:

Awesome video!!! Loved it!!!

PastelleReborns says:

Santa Cruz is the best peanut butter hands down

Nikki Mcwhirter says:

I like music in the background

Nikki Mcwhirter says:

Your dog is so cute the blonde one!! And the other one too of course.

Linda Lepage says:

I make this with carob powder, then our pup can have dessert too!

Mkssandhu41 Latu says:

Her intros to fkknn long

MsIGetLotOfThat says:

Adding milk actually made it look great. I’ve watched other videos without the milk and it had an awful consistency

marie Travers says:

It’s your video do what you feel like doing 😄

marie Travers says:

Haha your doggy is so cute he’s like um hey you gonna hook me up with some 😂😂 but yeah that does look delicious 😋

Ayamanc You says:

I have recently gone veggie in the last 6 months and your videos have helped me go vegan. My husband included. My husband and I think Derek's fart tape is actually funny. But seriously we love you both thankyou for being so informative x
Gabrielle and Rick from Manchester England

TheDutchess Grey says:

I make my ice cream the same way. The bananas are so versatile. Strawberry, chocolate, berry, protein. So many flavors with frozen bananas. 💛

TheDutchess Grey says:

You and Freelee inspired me so much. Im now healthier and fitter. Thank You. ❤❤

Ginny Waterman says:

You must be related to Tami Torossion?

Ginny Waterman says:

What is Mukbang?

Amanda Mcnab says:

Can you make a batch off this and keep in freezer? Xx

HM says:

Vegan marshmallows, peanuts, chocolate bits, mini Oreos….

Ash G says:

Misses protein. How you gonna BUILD SOME MUSCLE?!

Lila DeAndrea says:

Cocoa powder is not vegan

lovelygeminibren says:

What's the brand of the peanut butter

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