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Vegan Chicken Enchilada Bake (WFPB)

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I get asked a lot about what recipe I believe is best to introduce others to this way of eating. And if you are new here, this way of eating is whole food plant based, which is basically a health promoting vegan diet. So when I get asked what I recommend as the best meal to share with others, my easy enchilada bake seems to come up over and over again. I think it really comes down to how easy it is to prepare and the fact that it is so filling. I know that when I was helping to transition my mom and dad to this way of eating, enchilada bakes where a regular meal on the weekly menu. In this enchilada bake I add in a can of shredded jackfruit which I think adds a wonderful texture to an already delicious dish.




Here’s what you will need!

-3 cups cooked brown rice (
-1 can of jackfruit (15-20 oz)
-1 cup cooked black beans (
-1 cup cooked red beans
-1 cup sweet corn (fresh or frozen)
-12 corn tortilla shells

Enchilada Sauce:
-3 cups water
-6 oz tomato paste
-2 tbs chili powder
-2 tsp garlic powder
-2 tsp onion powder
-1 tsp ground cumin

Head over to my website for the complete step-by-step written instructions to this recipe and many more whole food plant based vegan recipes!


Roger says:

gonna try this with some nutritional yeast in the sauce, too. looks phenomenal can't wait to eat it. thanks for the recipe.

Laura Teague says:

Spay ish wit Pam and the corn will not stick.

Yolanda says:

That looks fantastic!

Sonal Bellino says:

So easy and looks delicious! Size is 9×13! Love your shirt and energy/positivity!

Kaitlin Whited says:

A friend recommended this recipe for me. I cant wait to try it! I may switch out the jackfruit with tvp or soy curls. Not a fan of the jackfruit but I'm sure it will end up ok. Thank you!

Double You says:

I made this last night but I used oyster mushrooms instead of jackfruit. We threw some jalapenos in also. Top notch this was great.

Kimberly Kiley says:

You will never know how happy I am that I found you. Thank you for sharing the story of your dad!

Sage says:

I made this today and holy cow! It was so good. This is the first recipe of yours that I've tried making and all I can say is I'm hooked! I'm going to buy your book for sure. My partner who has been cravvvvvving something enchilada flavoured since we went vegan 2 years ago is so pleased with this dish! I also love how this recipe makes so many servings, I'm so sick of recipes being only 2 – 3 servings, I don't want to have to cook an entire dish every single day. Also, I served this with my homemade cashew sour cream which isn't very low fat but wow, what a combo! Thank you Gabriel, you are a genius!

Captain Jule says:

Jackfruit isn't available where o live. How could I replace it? Oyster mushrooms?

C vanP says:

It was delicious but too spicy for my taste, I will put in less chili powder, but I will definitely make it again!

Luz Velazquez says:

Cooked this today and we will keep this recipe on the to go box. Thank you for sharing the recipe it is very good 😋

Bev Rockey says:

I love your recipes Gabriel! Please don’t call this chicken ( it is something we are not eating ) Call it what it is Jackfruit Enchiladas!!!

lynn bradley says:

Looking forward to trying this

Lisa Gill says:

This looks so delicious!!

chefboyardhillan says:

sorry homie, but that ain't enchilada sauce. where's the peppers???

Melissa Geib says:

How about adding some nooch for a cheezy flavor! This recipe looks awesome! 👍

Karen Miller says:

Just made this tonight. It was super easy and my husband loved it.

Colleen says:

This is the best thing ever, as I love all the Mexican spices. Thanks so much.

Connie Lowe says:

I cut this recipe in half, ate half. Just heated up remaining half, threw in some kale, added some salsa since it was a little dry. It was delicious and a huge serving – and healthy! Love your easy recipes. Thanks Gabriel!

Readings By Ladean says:

You are my hero!! I love how simple you keep it.

mary warner says:

Vegan 4 Future 💚💚💚
Thank you. Kisses from belgium.

Stephanie Killin says:

I made this tonight and everyone had seconds! Super easy and delicious! Thank you!

TheFettuck says:

Chicken isn't vegan. Please stop calling it chicken! Just eat the animal if you want to eat chicken!

Nina Runs On Plants says:

Making this for my next meal prep! Thanks for the recipe!

Fawn Chan says:

Ok, I will make the vegan chicken enchilada bake this weekend. Also this will be my go-to potluck dish, too.

erosamuk says:

The man's a genius chef, and gorgeous too!

Red Pill Vegan says:

Next level WFPB recipes here

Jessie Trotter says:

What brand of jackfruit do you have in the can? Can I order it from Amazon or get it at Whole Foods? Did you say it was green? Thanks for the info in advance!

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