Vegan Alfredo Potato Bake – NO OIL RECIPE!

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This vegan alfredo potato bake is so rich and creamy but has no oil or nuts, is gluten free and is loaded with hidden healthy goodness!

You can also use the vegan alfredo sauce on pasta for a quick and easy dinner. YUM!

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Recipe by Cooking With Plants – Anja Cass

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Tiffany La Belle says:

Made this white sauce today for a Lasagne … seriously tastes like I've added Parmesan Cheese, you're incredible 🌱 I'll be making your 5 Minute Stretchy Melted Vegan Cheese for the second one as I have enough to make 2 💚

T M says:

Doesn’t tahini have oil?

Monique Champagne says:

Anya, I'm on a low fodmap diet for my IBS and I got soo excited when I saw you building your cream sauce, and then you put in cauliflower! (sob) what would you suggest as a low fodmap replacement? Some oyster mushrooms maybe? or maybe zucchini?

Light4you says:

I just made this today! It’s in the oven as I speak lol I added extra seasonings for taste. Thank you so much

Emil Haggar says:

Anya, do you have a similar recipe for cauliflower bake?

Katie Thompson says:

Looks delicious. Would you sub cauliflower with anything?

Dia Irazoky says:

Can someone spell the ingredients? There's some things she mentions that I've never heard of before

Sue says:

Sounds delicious. Does anyone here know a gluten free alternative for the miso paste? Is there a gf miso paste?

Котъ Баюнъ says:

Somehow I missed this jewel 3 years ago. But not anymore. Thank you, love🙏🏻🍀💐

Our Homestead Adventures says:

I made this for my non-vegan son and it was a big hit! I modified the sauce slightly by adding a hint of Italian seasonings and a couple of roasted red peppers that I had left over. It was great! Thanks for the recipe!

Laura Ferguson says:

Hi u hv a new sub n thanks for sharing have to gv dis a try

Mia Selah says:

Do I really need a lid? None of my baking pots have one.

Veg Nurse says:

Didn’t know that about foil.

Hana SJ says:

I'm hungry 😢😢

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