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Is there anything more comforting, delicious and satisfying than a big bowl of mac and cheese? We don’t think so.

This recipe is called “ultimate” mac and cheese for a reason. It’s super creamy, the seasoning is bang on, and the crispy topping will have you coming back for seconds! People’s minds will blow when they taste this and hear it’s made with 100% plants!

We teamed up with Vitalite to bring you this recipe. We couldn’t have made such a creamy, tasty sauce without their delicious dairy-free spread! They’ve been flying the plant-powered flag for years! (We even used their dairy-free cheese in this recipe..)

If you pick up a pack of Vitalite with the BOSH! logo on it, you can get free early access to our amazing online meal plan! So keep your eyes peeled 👀



HEALTHY VEGAN Cookbook: http://smarturl.it/BOSHHEALTHYVEGAN

BISH BASH BOSH Cookbook: http://smarturl.it/BISHBASHBOSH

BOSH! Cookbook: http://smarturl.it/BOSHCookbook

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earthy quake says:

came here for the food but stayed for the music lol looks tasty tho

Foot Soldier says:

Yo I just made this and it actually tasted amazing. Couldn't even tell it didn't have real cheese in it. Best first time dish I've made hands down. Thanks guys!

Sinéad Humber says:

I am not a vegan but eat A LOT of vegan meals (some people even mistake me for being vegan) I also hate cheese so, even though vegan cheeses are designed to taste like cheese, they don’t. This recipe is SUPER delicious and I can’t wait to see you post your next video. 😁

Rachel Edwards says:

Where did you get the fresh bread crumbs from ?

James Gray says:

I made this and it was so good! I just went vegan and I love Mac and cheese so this was perfect! It was easy, delicious, and still tastes good as a leftover. I love this so much! ❤️ 😋 yummy!!

Paul Northam says:

It does look good and I've missed making macaroni & cheese, but the problem is the cheese, there's no mention of what type of cheese was used in this recipe. A lot of vegan cheeses have honestly tasted awful but the one in this recipe seemed to melt nicely, what type was it, anyone out there able to tell me?

Conor Okus says:

What's the music playing in the background? It's wavy

louise says:

going to have to try this

mumofmany says:

I love these kind of videos. Just visual, quick, easy to follow. Thank you 💖💚🌱🌍

Francie says:

I want some!!!!

Jessica B says:

I made this and it’s so good!!! Don’t change anything

Queen Medusa says:

Total food porn!

Marlene Chellson says:

What brand of vegan cheese was used for this recipe?

Lee Finch says:

Looks delicious. I live in Oslo and recently had a job interview and mentioned your channel to the panel. It must have worked as I got the job, from next month I will be working for the EAT Forum to make the world healthier and food production to be more sustainable.

Heather C. says:

Deliciousness! So the moment at 1:05 is some serious food porn!😍😋😂

K Naimah says:

That’s literally the best looking vegan Mac and cheese I’ve ever seen.

margaret robertson says:

Looks tasty and quick to make..can’t wait to try it (vegan of course)

ya na says:

Love from Nepal 🇳🇵 brothers

truefuschniken says:


Kay A says:

Finally somebody puts a decent amount of pepper into their food. You’d be amazed at the cooing channels putting the tiniest dash when cooking. 🤓

Simply Kyri says:

We just recently purchased your cookbook and all the recipes we made so far turned out AMAZING! So I can’t wait to try this one as well 👌🏼 xx

Jay Hutchinson says:

I'm a carpenter living in Hawaii I'm 58 years old and I've been vegan for 45 years, when i was 13 i realized my love for animals and could not stand to see them as food, so I've been to promote the vegan lifestyle for those 45 years. I'm presently building a house for a man 55 years old who has become a vegan after 25 years working as a butcher.
I turned him on to your YouTube channel BOSH TV,
and he loves it so much that he makes all most everything you cook,
Thank you for making the vegan lifestyle so delicious and keep up the great work.. 🌎✌

hannah c says:

Just made this, its very yummy

Advanilza Da silva dos reis says:

It is a delicious recipe😋😋 thanks

amclellan84 says:

What cheese do you use?

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