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► Dill Pickle
► Sun Dried Tomato
► Red Onion
► Tomatoes
► Lettuce
► Salt + Pepper
► Rye or multigrain bread

Eamon here — would love to get your feedback on this Freestyle Friday episode! If you guys have any suggestions on vegan recipes you’d like to see me whip up… let me know in the comments below…

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plantvibelove says:

I make this once a week ♥


I know you live very simply but if you have a grater you can grate the pickle. And if you put the chickpeas in a pan and heat them slightly they will smash really fast

Tanya Kushnir says:

Ok, I tweaked this recipe a bit as I didn’t have jalapeños so I used pickled carrots and no avocado so vegan Mayo…….BEST RECIPE EVER!! Thank you guys!

jamaicasky says:

Yep this just got me off the couch to go buy some fresh ingredients for a beautiful healthy sangwich

Mary Durgin says:

Yum !!!!'❤

Jessica Olson says:

just found this and I am making it tonight! yum

Lynn Sands says:

I love the way you and Bec communicate.

S S says:

Oh my effing God. Eamon is going to cut his hand off or break a glass and cut his hand. Stop!!!

Candis Tetreault says:

I just keep making this over and over and over …. nomnomnom

Maggie Chavez says:

Lol thats the same way I toast my bread I love this video 😂

kerry armstrong says:

Bubbies relish goes into my chickpea salad…oh yeah!!!!

Your Majesty says:

Makin this for lunch tomorrow.
I'm doing #weekdayvegetarian2021 and stretching my wings. Excuse to try more vegan meals…… Maybe 😁

Lynn Sands says:

I have a hard time smashing the chickpeas.

Debra Thornhill says:

I miss you guys!!!!!!!

Jill Burkett says:

Made this today on a spinach wrap topped with a tahini sauce that I made, very yummy 😋

Life by Re says:

Hi, did you use the entire avocado or just half?

Lynn Sands says:

It's delicious tried it.

Paula King says:

Totally Terrific Tasty Treat Thank You!

Lynn Sands says:

I just tried making the garbanzo beans after letting them soak last night. Thanks!!! Delicious.

Lynn Sands says:

Can't wait to make it. Sun dried tomatoes, interesting. I've never tried them. If I was a sponsor I would definitely be your sponsor! Why don't you guys add organic vegetables, fruits and grains to your chai company. "On the Go" would be a good name. You could use a pouch instead of a can. Cans always give the food a metallic taste. The name because you guys like to travel. All the best to you guys.

Hazel Legate says:

Do you ever use the Aquafaba from the chickpeas?

mariaxtia says:

Please make more of these cooking videos! 🙂

aierce says:

Throw some feta cheese on top would be great too.

aierce says:

Never knew electric pepper grinder exists…

Iman Bela says:

Omg that looks so good ! I am making it for lunch.

Giselle Plant Based Vegan says:

Yes, love Chickpea Salad. I eat it a couple times a week and do add celery and dill. I never thought of adding olives and sun dried and will definitely try. Last week I added finely shredded cabbage, like a slaw, and it added great crunch. I have that same knife for more than 10 years and love it. I love eating Toc Sandwiches, Tomato Red Onion and Cucumber on a dark Pumperknickel, bread which I can rarely find. The sandwich is amazing simple and delicious. You could add avo too if you like.

Creating Content-ment says:

Your reaction after you said “pairs well with the fresh acidity…” had me in stitches.

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