Turning SOY CURLS Into STEAK?! | These Vegan Steak Tacos Are AMAZING

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In today’s video I attempt to transform soy curls into steak. Using a unique marinade and traditional chimichurri recipe, these vegan steak tacos might actually blow your mind. We may have just made the most beefy plant-based beef ever!

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Sue Quinn says:

Butler is the only brand of Soy Curls. They are not soy curds (that is what tofu is made from). They are whole soy beans that have been cooked (pressure cooked I think), shredded, and dehydrated.

Cool Beans-Plant Based says:

Omg I love your shirt!!! 💕

Kenneth Maese says:

That’s a purple onion not red

Melanie G. says:

I just cooked this and it was FANTASTIC!!! My husband and I loved every bite! My husband said “Hey, you could make this and put it over rice, and make sure you make the ‘cilantro sauce’ too” LOL. We were very pleased with it!

E says:

I made these tacos and chimichurri tonight for my family and we all enjoyed it – even the kids. Thanks for a great recipe 🙂

dootsey says:

I love soy curls. It's the easiest protein and it lasts forever in the pantry.

Angela Thanasiu says:

here where i live i can find the soy curls already rehydrated in a bagso thats a huge time saver! gonna try this recipe tomorrow;i cannot wait!

Behind Your Look says:

When u realize that u have every single ingredient in your pantry 😀

taylorrenee21xo says:

Absolutely LOVE this recipe!! It is a new staple in our house, even my non-vegan boyfriend looks forward to these!! Would love more soy curl recipes!! 🙂

Anne-Marie Lacroix says:

Just tried out the soy curls recipe and added them to my pad thai! It was amazing thank you for your flavorful recipes☺

SmileItsAllGood says:

Is there anyway you could shout out my sisters vegan channel? It’s growingwithalysa. I just want her hard work to pay off, I understand if you can’t!

Ben Anderson says:

I made this recipe the other day and it was delicious! I really want to add some orange juice/zest to it to make orange beef. Great video!

Amanda Mace says:

Omg is that the shirt from your cookbook? I love it so much

susanguche says:

Great recipe but chimichurri is way different than that. Try original chimichurri 🙂 love from an Argentinian viewer.

Just My Thoughts says:

Just got a vegan ad on a vegan video. The ultimate satisfaction!

EnergyMane Nut Drink says:

OMG~ Thank you for sharing this. 🙂

Red Rum says:

I just started making these soy curls and noticed it tastes a lot better without using the liquid squeezed out of the curls. I'm not a fan of that liquid taste at all. Incorporating all the other flavors, omitting the soy liquid, helps get rid of that soy taste. But if you enjoy the soy taste, awesome!

Molly Leffering says:

Can’t wait to try these! They look amazing Candice!!

Cleber DC says:


tajedi says:

This video is awesome! Looking so good, Candace! I love that lipstick color. It looks awesome on you! Keep up the awesome work with these great recipes!

Ocean Chicks Films says:

Oh yah.. I’m trying this! Yum!

Vana Markarian says:

Where can we find soy curls in Canada ??

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