The Ultimate Whole Food Plant Based Oil Free Thanksgiving Menu!

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Here is my list of my Ultimate Whole Food Plant Based Oil Free Thanksgiving Menu:

Mash Potatoes and Gravy:

Whole Roasted Cauliflower:

Lentil Loaf:

Green Bean Casserole:

Cranberry Sauce:

Corn Muffins:

Maple Glazed Carrots:

My Stuffing Recipe:

Chocolate Pudding Pie:

Pumpkin Pie:

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Vegan B12, D3, DHA/EPA:

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Alice Miller says:

This is very helpful. Enjoy

Superfood,Superlife says:

A great video thanks for sharing!
Stay healthy by eating natural foods, eat less processed foods, less red meat, less sugar and less oil.
Plant-based diet/ healthy diet for type 2 diabetes. Delicious dish ideas to be happily shared. Enjoy your cooking journey and stay safe folks! says:

I am so grateful to you for this wonderful video Brit. Everything sounds really good. I’m particularly impressed with how generously you acknowledge and promote your fellow WFPB chefs. It makes me love you even more now!

Erick and Ana Guzman says:

Thank you for adding this, we switched this year and I was having a hard time having a vision for thanksgiving. Great ideas and I will definitely use them.

Shayne K. says:

Thank you god this it looks yummy ❣️❣️❣️

Phoebe Addis says:

I made the roast cauliflower and maple glazed carrots. They were both fabulous! Thank you for these great menu selections!

Jeannie H says:

Very nice Video! Have a Happy Thanksgiving 🍁 !

Darren Wilcox says:

Awesome, thank you .. great suggestions

Team Broccoli says:

Great save on the video idea! These all look fantastic. πŸ’šπŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Heidi Kantor says:

Loved this video. You gave me so many new ideas.

Susan Morse says:

This is a perfect video! Thank you! Happy holidays ❀️

Traci R says:

Nice job gathering these ideas! 😍🍠🍊❀🌻

Jill Hollon says:

Thank you, sweetheart, for this wonderful video!! Your are so sweet, intelligent and amazing!! I hope you and your family have a joyous and 🍁🍁happy Vegan Thanksgiving🍁🍁 as well!! Much love always~

Marina from Soul in the Raw says:

What a great idea! I love this!! Although I am sorry that your video got messed up. I bet that was frustrating!

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