the ultimate vegan breakfast sandwich

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A quick, epic breakfast idea! A breakfast sandwich on homemade croissant, with breaded “eggy” tofu, vegan faux meat and cheese, avocado and tomato.

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・ recipes ・
vegan croissants →
tofu “egg” patty →
homemade sausage →

・ products used ・
black salt →
chickpea flour →
nutritional yeast →
my awesome frying pan →
homemade vegan butter from this book →
benevolent bacon, by sweet earth → sprouts, whole foods, kroger etc.
daiya swiss-style slices → sprouts, whole foods
simple truth meatless sausage patties → kroger

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filmed with canon t5i →
edited with final cut pro x
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Sarah's Vegan Kitchen says:

Hope everyone's week is going well! ❤️ What's your favorite breakfast food? Are you guys more into sweet or savory breakfasts? (I think you can tell what my answer is hehe.)

Ziggy Marie says:

Holy Moly!!!!!!!!!!! YEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!

Neeta Renner says:

"Epic" is an understatement for this sandwich! I have made it every single day this week! YUM!

myzzio says:

Please can you make it for me?

Princess Serenity says:

You look like you just waxed you upper lip…
am I wrong?

An Nika says:

I‘ve made it today and it’s so delicious! I looove savory croissants 🥐 😍

madonna816 says:

Fake is the most unappetizing word. Fake, mock, imitation…so much no. I appreciated the entire video, then felt the gut punch. Language & messaging matter. As a vegan it sounds bloody awful to me so imagine how it sounds to anyone else. My food is REAL. Your food is REAL. Even though you’re vegan, don’t be afraid to say plant based in times like this. Please, push veganism, but plant based is about the food. It’s okay to own that & use it appropriately. Rock on!

Rae Fit UK says:

That looks absolutely scrumptious!! the tofu paddy is such a good idea! I don't eat tofu often as always find it bland even though I'm always looking for vegan/vegetarian protein sources- my mouth is just watering so much 😍

Pavan Katepalli says:

throw some kala namak on the tofu right before it's done on the pan – it'll taste like an omelet

Shannie says:

That looks soooo delicious.

The Vegan Hippie says:

Those breakfast patties are really good. Gardein has some too but they are super hard to find. That sandwich looks delicious.

MintNHoney says:

OmG! Vegan croissants! Love it!

S Cass says:

I made a version of this today, and it was awesome! I absolutely LOVE the fried tofu egg patty! I think this is my new favorite breakfast! Thanks for sharing this great recipe! =D

Ally Coxon says:

That looks SO good!!

Sarah Jansén says:

aaaah delish !!

Quan Maryśe says:

one word: YUM

Dan Smith says:

Ok that looks crazy good

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