The Perfect Vegan Thanksgiving Roast | How to Make A CHEAP ROAST Taste EXPENSIVE

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With the holidays around the corner, I wanted to share an easy way to take a store bought vegan roast and make it taste like an expensive dinner that your family can share! Vegan roasts are some of my favourite foods, so you’ll absolutely love this vegan thanksgiving recipe.

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Tim Mack says:


Darcy Cogdell says:

Happy Thanksgiving from the Cogdells to you and your loved ones.

Elena Pina says:

😋😋😋😋 so excited to try tomorrow!!!!!!!

Nicole says:

This thanksgiving will be my first time making a tofurky! I’m pretty excited because a lot of stores were sold out and I managed to get one just in time. I will try your recipe but maybe use a slow cooker instead. We’ll see how it goes 😅

Naomi V. says:

I hate tofurky so imma try this but with field roast holiday ham which is soy free!!

Flyy Vegan says:

The only vegan in my family, so glad I found this channel so I can learn to be okay with my own mini Thanksgiving!

Vegan Heaven says:

Ouuuu I'm definitely going to try this!! Btw your voice sounds so much like Chrissy Teigen 🙂

Debbie Daymoon says:

great idea! i don't see mashed potatoes and gravy in the links tho. thanks💖

Jazzmen Newsom says:

I have never eaten a vegan roast. I should try it to see if I like it.

Cheesed to meet you says:

For fellow lazy vegans/vegetarians, if there is a Trader Joe’s near you (Mainly in the U.S.) they sell their “turkeys” for 12.99 with the gravy and its vegan so all you have to do is prepare the vegetables and other side dishes while that cooks in the oven.

Mary Rosen says:

I went into Trader Joe’s yesterday to buy their vegan roast and they laughed and said “oh we sold out of those a while ago.” When did they come in? It was still a week and half before thanksgiving. I wish they stocked more if they’re sold out so quickly!

Suzette Smith says:

Ok. Thats a very good idea. I don't like those loaves because they are so salty. But I think this may help

Margaret B says:

Such a great idea! Sure, I don't have access to any store-bought holiday seitan roast living in EU but I really like the concept of baking it all together and will probably use it with my own seitan! Thanks a lot!

betterthancraigslist says:

ah!! thank u so much

Alheli Martinez says:

What a great idea! From ehh, to yuuuum! Thanks Candice, I will be giving this a try ! 🙂

Alyssa Mumaw says:

I made a tofurky ham last year with a chipotle cranberry glaze with homemade lentil stuffing. Was great 😊

madonna816 says:

I love making mine in the slow cooker. Makes my Tofurky SUPER tender, and it frees up my oven.

The Muse says:

Please help a sister out! I've been looking for Tofurky Roast in Toronto…its not easy to find and is not $5.00. Not even the Tofurky sausages are $5.00.

christina cornolo says:

girl bye u didn’t post THIS for turkey day in canada 💔💔💔

Seitanic Girl says:

I make my Tofurky roast in the crockpot. It turns out great! It's a great option if you don't have an oven (or if your oven is already full of everything else you need to cook).

ca frick says:

I can't wait! My favorite holiday!!!

Heather Chase says:

I made your hummus recipe for the first time this past weekend and it was the best hummus I’ve ever tasted! I’ve tried making hummus from scratch a couple times before and it never turned out good. Do you have a recipe for minestrone soup? That is another dish I love when I get it at restaurants or even canned at the store, but when I try to make it from scratch I miss the mark.

TheaDragonSpirit says:

Ha. 3 Free Thanks givings.

Stephanie Mecredy says:

The quorn loaf is always out of stock from like November to January here in the UK. . . I long ago accepted that I'm making tamales every Christmas. It reminds me of my childhood, so it's great, but it would be nice to do something liek this for my husband, who grew up here and is used to traditional turkey or whatever.

Make It Dairy Free says:

This looks amazing Definitely need to doctor them up a bit!


Im not a vegatarian….i just enjoy your personality and that bomb ass style…always looking dashing.

Oh and i love cooking too.🇨🇦

Lina M.C. says:

What can I use instead of Old Bay seasoning in the baste? I HATE that stuff lol

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