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The Icing on my Cake – featuring vegan desserts from around the world!

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I wrote a love song over half a decade ago called “The Icing on my Cake”. It’s a sweet little ditty (pardon the pun!!) that doesn’t fit for MC Pony and also isn’t ‘commercial’ enough to use for pitching to other artists. But I still wanted to share it somehow, and with today being Valentine’s Day it seemed appropriate timing to release this particular track into the world.

Enormous thanks to Kristin Lajeunesse of Will Travel for Vegan Food ( for supplying so many shots of various delicious vegan desserts she has encountered in her travels + editing this all together! Thanks also to an anonymous friend for lending me her amazing vocals. 🙂

For full credits and a list of the featured establishments see:


Sven Tydeman says:

I put on 3 kilos watching this…BUT it was WORTH IT 😉

Kathy N says:

I'm sooooo hungry now 🙂 … beautiful and inspiring.

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