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The Best Vegan Carbonara - 15 mins |

The Best Vegan Carbonara – 15 mins

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GET THE RECIPE: http://bit.ly/VeganCarbonaraRecipe
The world’s most creamy, cheesy, smoky, ‘bacony’ vegan carbonara. At 15 minutes it’s probably the quickest as well. Sometimes I amaze even myself 🙂

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silver fox says:

I'm italian and I think it's a great and well made alternative to carbonara. just one advice that I must tell you as an italian… don't put pasta in water before the water actually boils. you have to boil separetly the water and putting pasta in just when it boils, let it boil from 8-12 minutes (it depends on the pasta, usually is around 10 minutes) and serve. one thing that you should and I often see but not in this case is cooking pasta with the sugo. don't do that pls everytime you do that an italian has an heart attack

Ndi EKWERE says:

lol. cow nippes

Nitsan Simantov says:

lol amazing

elenkapo says:

Maaaan…you nailed it!! Thanks for sharing xxx

Vegan Roxy says:

I thought the pan was full of chia seeds 😂😂

nga le says:

I love your attitude xd

Corvus Rabenklang says:

I'm sorry, normally I love this kind of veganfood recipes and I think this vegan cream mushroom sauce could be good, but this is in no way ah Carbonara. Yes Shitake are great Bacon or Pancetta substitute (especially when they're in some form smoked. I used it already for a vegetarian Carbonara and it tasted very good) , but there is no cream (dairy or non dairy) in Carbonara! I've tried to recreate a good vegan Carbonara with vegan egg substitute, but I for myself didn't like vegan egg. I think some recipes can't be veganized. But if you like it please enjoy it ☺️

Christian Kühne says:

1st:there was a subway ad with extra meat
2nd: the thumbnail looks disgusting

Giulia Barresi says:

It is quite gross the way you cook pasta. But it's interesting the sauce you propose

Alisa Neuschwander says:

1:50 I need that mug 😂🐷

Happy One says:

No cheese? No pancetta? No carbonara!

DonVoghano says:

May the Holy Mother of the Cured Guanciale have mercy on your soul.

Anni C says:

I loved your video! Very entertaining! You have a new subskriber! 😸

wastedjeans x says:

This is not meant offensive in any way: but your dad Humor and dad jokes are sooooo funny, i am dying

Erika Rain Bailey says:

So…. could you use the same seasonings and stuff you used on your bacon tofu on the mushrooms?

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