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MAMA AND BABY CHICKPEAS POTATO CURRY SOUP INGREDIENTS ⬇️ Chickpeas Green peas Onion Olive Oil Fresh garlic Tomatoes paste Curry Cumin powder Water Coconut cream Enjoy your meal 😋 Have you watched my other healthy [More]
This Vegan Pizza is super easy to make. You are basically just assembling the ingredients then baking in your oven on high heat. I have so many easy vegan recipes coming for you guys and [More]
✿ Veganlovlie Recipes / Channel Trailer : Welcome to the Veganlovlie channel. The vegan recipes that we feature on this channel depict a fusion-style cuisine. Fused with culinary influences from the countries that we have [More]
Brown Rice minced Meat Paella 2 ½ cup brown rice, 3 oz diced green pepper, 3 oz diced celery, 3 oz diced carrot, 2 oz diced potatoes, 1 ½ oz diced onion, 1 ½ oz [More]