Summer-Vegetable Chickpea Coconut Curry #quickcurry

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Today, I bring you FLAVOUUUUUR wrapped up in cute nutrients and warming creaminess. Presenting the ultimate summer-vegetable chickpea coconut curry. Although my main protein in this dish is chickpeas you can definitely replace it with lentils, butter beans are another favorite of mine- just any legume or you can add mock meats or actual meats like chicken, prawns, or red meat too if you’re not vegan like me. As usual, this recipe is delicious, nutritious and easy to follow as it doesn’t use that many ingredients either! I hope you enjoy making this one because it’s only natural to fall in love with this dish. It’s so creamy and filling! Please like and subscribe and again, most of all, enjoy🥂


Hlulani Mongwe says:

Garlic prison😂😂😂

Xongile Masungwini says:

Vegan food looks so good always thought it was hell but not after this recipe!

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