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Spinach Broccoli Soup | Creamy Broccoli Almond Soup | Indian Vegan Delight | Immunity booster

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Hi Foodies 🖐️
Welcome Back to Culinary Treasure..

Today I am sharing a very

Culinary Treasure:


Music: Sweet
Musician: LiQWYD


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then keep munching!!!


gaurav mawar says:

This soup looks so smooth n tasty, i am craving for it now😋

Gharkilaxmi Vlogs says:

Your soul recipe reminded me of my neighbour, she cooked exactly like this 👍

Priya Thamarai says:

Delicious recipe sister I will try this

sushant singh says:

really amazing….thanks for sharing 👍

Foodies Food Court says:

Loved this kind of healthy soup😀👍

Shruti SM says:

Awesome dish! Loved the recipe…

Sanathani Sanathani says:

Amazing Recipe.. thanks for sharing

Akm khan says:

yummy and tasty recipe

Emily morgan says:

healthy and delicious

Mrs Light says:

It's look very delicious and healthy

saki mansuri says:

This looks tasty delicious healthy soup

AJ AJ says:

Looks like a very healthy and delicious preparation

Shivi Gupta says:

Wow really so amazing thanks for sharing

Avishek Mandal says:

This is Amazing recipe

Aprajita chakerverty says:

Such a healthy one and looks pretty delicious as well 😀

Sumanta Gupta says:

Wow like this

sumanta gupta says:

Wow like the item next time try it

Sheetal B says:

Healthy and tasty perfect on❤️

EAT TO FELL 2 says:

This is so tasty recipe 😋😋

Seema Doshi says:

I did try this recipe and it turned out to be amazing

khushi mann says:

this is absolute delicious healthy and tasty soup which can take anytime…

Tooni tiny says:

This is so amazing and delicious..will definitely give a try

Sandhya Sandy says:

i just loved this sponach brocoli soup..looks so creamy and the best part its very healthy…

Rishabh Cooked food 2 says:

Thanks for sharing this recipe 😋😋😋

Mahin Mia says:

Looks healthy and yummy too

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