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Ridiculously Easy No Yeast Vegan Cinnamon Rolls | No Rise, 45 Mins to Make |

Ridiculously Easy No Yeast Vegan Cinnamon Rolls | No Rise, 45 Mins to Make

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Yeast is impossible to find, but cinnamon rolls should still be in your life.

Try these easy and delicious no yeast vegan cinnamon rolls today.


❌❌❌Allergens: Naturally dairy and egg free. Easily soy and nut free. Has not been gluten free tested, but possible. See post for details.

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Make It Dairy Free says:

What no yeast recipe do you want to see next?

jamesrei says:

omg I am going to make this cinnamon rolls are/used to be my favourite 😭

I've honestly never baked more in my life until I became vegan ahh 😭🤍💗

Pickle Platypus says:

Would it work if I used regular vinegar instead of apple cider vinegar?

julia marques says:

I just made this and they turned AMAZING. Super soft and taste really good. I used canola oil instead of vegan butter in the dough, and only a tiny amount of almond milk in the filling instead of oil.

Greedy Desires says:

You guys should make vegan waffles ! Please show one without bananas ??

Delicioous ! says:

Okej men varför säger som inte mått!!💔

I M A QYN says:

Be sure your baking powder is aluminum free!

Elise says:

I used this recipe and I don’t know how it’d possible, but they were so much better than my yeast ones..

Le Coeur says:

I love your videos!! I'm not vegan or even vegetarian, but grew up eating vegetarian & vegan food and know that it's better for you. New subscriber! <3

MVP West says:

wowzer! What'tha?? where you been??? I just found this channel, trying to eat more plants & tasty vegan treats…and wha la! Here you are !!!!

Joopda loop says:

love your presentation! and def will be making these 😍

heavy gloom says:

when he explained the math while cutting them 😭😭😭😭😭

The Ginger Fringe says:

Your voice is very calming! I tried cinnamon rolls for the first time at the weekend and I am hooked, would love to make my own!

PINK $OCK says:

i came here for the rolls, got enticed by the beard, and stayed cause we're family now.

Bunny Tail says:

I don’t understand why y’all formulate cooking videos like this.

Jean B. says:

I’m truly looking forward to asking this, thank you!

karin collado says:

Im currently eating these, just made them………and i must say the TASTE is good and the inside is moist, but the top is a bit too hard and crunchy for me. I expected it to be very soft like a traditional roll and im wondering if i did something wrong? I followed the instructions to a T…..the only thing i did different was put some extra butter on top before baking because i thought itd give it a nice golden color…..im no pro…..my son loved it and described it as “french toast with crackers” lol so true! But really i was expecting a SOFT roll….the inside is soft….but the outside and bottom are crunchy, however its definitely not burned its a nice golden color……it just seems to have a dry top….should i not have drenched it in butter or something?? 🤔 :/ did the butter make it crispy on the outside?

Mariam almartan says:

You're awesome ! Thanks a lot for making it easier to cook vegan !

bbglory_ says:

New subscriber .. love this content !

Marco Palada says:

I made these cinnamon rolls with my wife and they were AMAZING. Too good. Just plain awesome food! If you haven’t tried it DO IT. Thanks for the recipe guys!

julianna.7 says:

just made these and THEYRE AMAZING. thank you for the recipe! love your channel:)

lisa yantek says:

Can I double it to fill a 9×13?

ekz94 says:

The paste is so clever! I always have problems since it never distributes evenly. Can I sub vegan butter with coconut oil instead?

Lisa Hook says:

OMG! Found you by accident and can't stop watching! Your recipes are awesome and you, my friend, are a crack up! I would give you my last packet of yeast just to see what kind of crazy goodness you would make out of it!

Tamia Vaughan says:

Am 13 also a new vegan and I just made them there in the oven baking it was that easy 😂

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