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I Like It RAW is a documentary based on the premise that food is medicine.

Join documentary filmmaker Dana Giesbrecht as she follows 5 meat-eating Albertans with pre-existing health conditions as they attempt to go fully RAW for 30 days and reclaim their health.

If you’re interested in attempting the RAW Vegan diet and lifestyle for yourself, to experience the many amazing benefits that eating this way has on your health, happiness, mind, body and soul, visit http://ilikeitraw.com to try the full 30 day Raw Vegan challenge for yourself!

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The Normal Life says:

None of them probably care about the not killing animal part. They live in a butcher town. The health part was probably more appealing to them and probably the reason she took this approach. Killing cows just doesn't matter to some people because they grew up killing cows and its the norm. Tell someone they can drop 20 pounds in a month though or prevent cancer and they are more likely to jump on board. Dan was more the person who joins to prove you wrong. He was pretty much there to try and discourage others and make them believe it is impossible and there is no food to eat if you don't eat meat and you won't be able to function in life. He was not there for the real experience.

Oh and if you really want to get people to change for ethical reasons, you have to reach out to young people. The younger and more sensitive the person is the more likely they are to feel pain for the animals and want to change because if it. Older people can be set in their ways and more unwilling to change what they have been doing for 50 years.

Sasha Kartus says:

When on this diet somebody is not losing any weight, eating less fat, even it is from avocado, nuts or oil will do it.

Christian says:

The world’s least healthy diet.

Seagreentangerine says:

If that lady being interviewed was only eating chicken and vegetables, she would be slim. SUGAR and simple carbs are the culprits to an unhealthy diet and disease. SUGAR creates inflammation.

Atmapriya Sannyasi says:

they speak of humus and stuff… unless it s made of sprouted chickpeas it s not raw… good effort but could use some more fact based science and better balance in overall meals

Jequan Baugh says:

What vegans forget is you can ferment Veges as well it’s raw and has probiotics. It doesn’t always have to be fresh.

Star Child says:

@36:25 holy horror show with the lashes, batman….

justine L says:

these guys should have been provided a full program including meal preps/snacks/breakfast s/dinners… they weren't given guidance on balanced nutrition, it was just just 'buy stuff.. and.. go". If this was done right they'd have been happy right from the get go. I've been vegan 9 years, went raw for a while and it was amazing but time consuming and it must be balanced to get the full benefits

Aisling O Rourke says:

The older guy looks so much better after a few days!! ❤

Aisling O Rourke says:

No hope for Dan from the beginning

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