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Popeyes Who?!! | Vegan Spicy Chick'N Sandwich | B Foreal |

Popeyes Who?!! | Vegan Spicy Chick'N Sandwich | B Foreal

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Some footage got deleted so be sure to click this link to see me fry, cut, and eat tf out of this sandwich 😂 It was soooo good 🤤 https://youtu.be/o7sclj8DRHw

Let’s take a second and get into this vegan chick’N Ok! They really be trying to leave us out but not tuh day!! lol This recipe is beginner friendly and can be whipped up in a little over a half hour. Don’t just take my word for it, try it out and let me know how you and the fam like it. As always, thank you guys so much for watch and of course don’t forget to share, like, and comment! love y’all!

Full Recipe: https://bforeal.com/vegan-popeyes-chickn-sandwich/

The Worcestershire sauce that I use is VEGAN! Here’s the link: https://amzn.to/2VSdCl7

Business Inquiries: Britt@bforeal.com

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IG: Bforeal610
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Jose Fuentes says:

Looks amazing.

Gwen Rouse says:

Looks delicious but I’m not into that much culinary time but 👍🏽

Whitney says:

I love this video! I cant wait to show off lol most of try it.

Denise Williamson says:

Wow! It looks like crispy chicken. Thank You ! Got to try it. 😋

D’s Divinity says:

I really am making this tm

Solar T. Tauri says:

So, not only did you "lose" the footage of the actual frying, you also don't cut it open for us to see the inside, or even at least take a bite and show us it? You could have easily just redid a frying video, even at another time, and just edited it into this video. Nice try.

Arnold Pena says:

Came across your video this morning as I was drinking coffee – thank you for showing me a new recipe and giving me many laughs and much joy along the way – have a blessed day!

Jana Taylor-Torres-Rainbow Connection says:


Jevenee Mosby says:

Where do you buy the vegan buns and what brand?

E Koopa says:

Hell NO!!!!

Arlie Satchitananda ૐ says:

I just made this and I’ll have to say that it’s the best tasting vegan chicken I’ve had!!!

LadySnowBlood says:

I don’t even eat vegan food but I’m definitely making this tonight girl it looks smack 🙋🏽‍♀️. New subbie

Sweetie Pie says:

Your website is awesome, so thank you for taking the time to put it together. I just started my Vegan lifestyle this year, so I need these recipes in my life. And I love that the recipes are printable from your website. Thanks again

Hagen Das says:

Aloha Britt from the Island of Oahu! Thanks to you, I defeated my lack of confidence in creating seitan. Your original recipe of Popeye's Spicy Chicken came out great! Many thanks Sensei Britt! Aloha!

DiaRIYA says:


Sheldon Smalls says:

The season is the meat

Genie monte says:

You ate too adorable 😍, gonna try this recipe for sure!!!!

Bxrberrys says:

You from Philly/Jersey ?? Ya accent sound like mine 😂😂😂

M V Brown says:

Aint this just dumpling with gravy? that's just carb . I could not use this as a meat replacement i would rather have beans at least its got protein.

Halima Love Show says:

You did that 🎯

Rick Joneshy says:

That look like chicken…You sure you didn't pull a switch? 🤣

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