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Paella 1 |

Paella 1

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This is the first of two video demos on how to make a basic paella, the Spanish rice dish. For more fun food adventures, check out my blog at http://singleguychef.blogspot.com


George Mantzaris says:

i love your videos i never use to cook thanks to you im cooking hello from australia

suggarachel says:

I think you got the wrong information about paella, they do use onion and garlic.

ChaChaDave says:

Hi. I enjoyed the video.

Adambrew says:

@ximo07 He's not a Briton.

thepriceofreality says:

@ximo07 i asked someone in a market in barcelona, and she suggested using chorizo.

ximo07 says:

Oh my God!! When are all you britons going to learn that SPANISH PAELLA DOES NOT HAVE CHORIZO SAUSAGE???? Chicken, rabbit, some pork (ribs), you can also put some seafood… BUT NEVER CHORIZO PLEASE!!

redneck4me2 says:

@singleguychef – Thank you, I can't way to try it.

redneck4me2 says:

I can't wait to try this recipe, however, I've never worked with saffron and I'm unsure about the saffron threads, do I need to soak them for this recipe?

yvell says:

You can add all together: chicken, rabbit, white squid, clams, lobster, shrimp and don't forget the spice Saffron.

baksik1980 says:

Yummy 🙂 I'm gona cook it today 🙂

Krezi101 says:

I luv this recipe thxs for sharing.

Lee Lee says:

Your accent is so cute.

Chichi says:

I am so going to try to do this now! Thanks for showing us!

Suheun Lee says:


Echo Seven says:

To: singleguychef

How to pronounce "pimenta":


Pi = pee
Men = mention
Ta = target (the TA, without the R)

Don´t know if it was useful, but I tried to show you the accent in the "pimenta".

Stealthmann says:

the way you present your video, makes me really hungry…

ElfLady64 says:

Sounds yummy!! :p

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