OIL FREE VEGAN POTATO SALAD » refined sugar free, oil free, and delicious

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Potato salad is one of those recipes that is a good side dish for just about any summertime meal as cookout season rolls around. This plant based vegan potato salad is light and creamy and filled with flavor.

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Marilena Iordanou says:

This was excellent and very easy to make. I like the fact that is so versatile to use any ingredients to your liking. This recipe is a keeper. Thank you xx

Nickie Jones says:

just saw your link for nutra bullet 😍

Nickie Jones says:

going to try this recipe after my potatoes are harvested.

Fran Smordin says:

Please stop saying guys…you sound American/stupid and you are certainly not that. You saved my life literally…i was very close to gone. Telling you out of love. Grateful Canadian.

beautymariely says:

Does this dressing turn out sweet because of the raisins? I would like to make this potato salad but I don't want it to be sweet. Thank you!

Maria Yacoub says:

This potatoe salad 🥗 looks great. I made the apple crisp lat night never cared for red apples used the honey crisp ones absolutely delicious 😋 thank you I just starters today plant based. Thank you for all your YouTube recipes

Randall Baker says:

Balsamic vinegar is my vinegar of choice!

*Max* *K* says:

Tried this recipe. I added a few extras such a bell peper and spinach. It was lovely. The sauce is amazing. This will definitely be one of my go-to recipes. Thanks for sharing 👍

sheri ollen says:

We’re the potato’s cooked before you put in the oven

Amaryah Judith Israel says:

Loved it!!💞😋

dufferkinney says:

I loved this, but it wasn't very pretty. I think I'll top it with some chopped up parsley next time.

José Maria says:

where did you buy your trail that goes in the oven?

Lori B says:

Hmmmm. Add celery and yum.

Jenny Gee says:

I add the celery leaves chopped too

Tim Babcock says:

were the cashews soaked first?

The Bearded Man-Drenaline says:

Hey thanks for the recipe! Quick question, is there something I can substitute for the vinegar/wine?

Naomi Hukes says:

I did my potatoes in the instant pot and used tofu instead of cashews. Can't have cashews.

Cindy Leeger says:

Just made it—-yummmmmm 😋

FrancieSue says:

Your food is always sensational, Jill, but you are also so damn pretty!

laura pinzon says:

Thank you!! You make it look so easy. Can't wait to try it 🙂

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