NOT Oatmeal, No Tofu Scramble, or Smoothies! ☀️ VEGAN BREAKFAST IDEAS

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Easy breakfast ideas for when you’re tired of oatmeal, tofu scramble, or a smoothie! PRINTABLE RECIPES BELOW Healthy Blueberry Breakfast Bake recipe 0:59 and for a savory breakfast, my White Bean + Veggie Scramble 4:47 BONUS tips on how to save money on a vegan diet after the recipes so stay tuned!

Hope you enjoy learning how to make these easy, meal-prep friendly recipes! These vegan breakfast ideas are super flavorful but also very well balanced and made with simple, wholesome ingredients. I hope you enjoy these breakfast ideas! Recipes below!

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Blueberry Breakfast Crumble:

White Bean and Veggie Scramble:

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0:00 Start
0:19 Overview
0:59 Blueberry Breakfast Crumble Recipe
1:09 Make the Oil-Free, Refined Sugar Free Crumble Topping
2:09 Two Ingredient Filling
3:01 Easy way to decorate
3:23 How to serve
3:55 SO good!
4:12 Hot or Cold?
4:47 White Bean + Veggie Scramble Recipe
4:55 Hold up a sec!
5:46 Alright, let’s cook
5:52 The breakfast sausage brand I used
7:44 How to serve
8:14 How to save money on a vegan diet
9:34 Which would you try? Comment below!

The Nonstick Pan I use:
The Bowls I used in this video:
Measuring Cups:
Mini Food Processor:
Favorite Blender:

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Hope you enjoy these easy breakfast ideas! Can’t wait to hear which recipe you cook first! Enjoy!


Eliza Lewis says:

Thanks for sharing new sub here l may try d veggie scramble

Carissa H says:

I’m newly vegan and these look DELICIOUS! Thanks! I’m going to check out your other videos now 🙂

lindaBelmont88 says:

Yummy 🤤 these look delicious!!

Genkai Kuroneko says:

That crumble looks amazing…except I'm allergic to bananas!

Rene A says:

Can you use honey instead of maple syrup for the breakfast crumble?

Phyllis Adams says:

Looking forward to try all of it.

GLO says:

I did the crumble (2 large pans) with sweet and tart cherries a year plus ago for a birthday sleepover and had to make a third one for those hungry little munchkins 😊. One made it a few times since with different fruits and it has always been outstanding.

Ron Douglas says:

Hi Nikki. I am allergic to bananas (yes,,, this really is a serious allergy) so do you have any suggestions as a replacement in the breakfast crumble to bind ingredients together? Yogurt?

Rosario Flores says:

I go first for sweet!!! Really loved how easy it is!! Thank you!!

Miss Dee says:

Hi Nikki, new Subbie here, so I made the white bean veggie scramble, I made it for dinner. I absolutely love it. I tweaked it a bit, I used impossible meat, I added onions and sage seasoning too. This maybe my go to meal! Thanks for sharing!

Home Sweet Home says:

90% of South indian vegetarian recipes are vegan try it..

natalie Zemmel says:

I made the breakfast crumble..used raspberries instead of blueberries and just reduced the maple syrup and nutbutter amounts….it was sooo delicious….was going to save for tmrw but ate the rest just now..🤷..thanks for the fantastic recipe. Breakfast that's healthy and tastes like a decadent dessert…the best!!!!!

Nadine Hildebrand says:

I love Pekannuts

Living In Bethlehem PA - RedHeadAgent Team says:

Great ideas. Quick and easy.

Arleen Diaz says:

I LOVE that you don't speak like the typical YT robot… it was delightful to watch your video. Great recipe ideas! 😊

Alisha Lee says:

Ok so I made this blueberry crumble today and it was delicious. Thank you so much because I was getting tired of the same oatmeal everyday.

Lisa S Providence says:

Not a great cook so I need to ask, wouldn't the blueberry crumble stick to the pan without greasing?? Can I use a foil baking dish? (Disposable ones)

b says:

this looks amazing!!!!!

niceplayground says:

Nice I would put yogurt all around it 😋

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