Non-Vegans Try Vegan Desserts

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“The more I eat it, the more I like it.”

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Joe Tabone says:

So apparently if you wear glasses your annoying af. I had no idea

Tran Hung says:

0:32 'how does it feel to be the same sex as Donald Trump' girl, right?

Li sa says:

"I don't think I've ever touched a single vegan food in my life"

U trynna tell me u never ate an apple?

Just Ava-mae says:

Anyone else vegan watching this

Chloe Balaoing says:

The funniest part about this is that actual vegans would probably have the same reaction

Jacinta Anthony says:

I don’t like Jordan

cyan k says:

vegan food isnt all that bad if you know how to make it right and this is coming from someone who isnt vegan

Brietta Nicole says:

Why put tofu in a cake anyway🤔 that’s like putting milk on Broccoli 🥦 exactly it doesn’t go together🤔

Isaac Smith says:

"Are you vegan?"
Wtf. Most of these people are going in to this with such a negative mindset. Its honestly disappointing.

Nicky Chan says:

Cheese and tofu……wtf

-higher brothers

forgetallyall810602 says:

Now i musty say, some vegan desserts taste horrible because they put too many extra ingredients in the recipe

Think passive says:

Vegan life 😍 is the life , sub me and I will subscribe you thanks.

Diana Martinez says:

The girl with glasses is annoying AF.

talie bonanza says:

0:08 so shes never had French fries or oreos or oatmeal ??

Pallavi sHARMA says:

"that's super fruity" what else would you expect from ice cream that is fruit flavored. Like seriously that girl needs to get a job

Sharman Nobody says:

They have the nutritional value of wood.

Mikasha says:

"I wish vegan foods would just stop trying to imitate non-vegan foods. Just be yourself."
How about you just stop trying to make animals look and taste like food? And just let them be themselves?

Aaron Merkel says:

Omnivores try to defend their right to be pro animal cruelty. it's sad.

pick says:

"I don't think I've ever touched a single vegan food in my life" so you've never had oreos, spaghetti, guacamole, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, or french fries??? yeah okay

Katelyn The Unikitty says:

They should have told them it was vegan at the end.

ThicckVEGAN says:

So no eggs,breast milk,or butter makes a bad brownie? I never understood why people think vegan desserts would taste bad,there's vegan butter it's not gross at all,and almond milk. Sugar and chocolate is what makes it good.

jungle book says:

Well non vegans love to eat animal assholes and genitals including rotten flesh so it is true that they won't like vegan food. Go vegan!!

Anderton Chigoneka says:

Jordan yeah you looking your having food their so shut up and eat it because their are billions of people who don't eat everyday and you're crying so be quiet and think you are lucky

Vanessa Abi says:

Of course they’re gonna think it’s gross because they’re giving them the worst vegan desserts

Zee says:

okay but they were giving them terrible versions of these foods. There are vegan cheesecake recipes that (gasp!) don't use tofu, and they are far better tasting. This goes for all the foods. There are better ways to make them.

Tira T says:

Should do one where they invite a bunch of non-vegans to try vegan & non-vegan food, rate it, then decide whether what they ate were vegan or not. A blind taste testing is more fair

morgane paquet says:

Why call it cheese cake when its not gonna Taste like cheese

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