No-Bake Peanut Butter Thumbprint Cookies | Minimalist Baker

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Full Recipe:
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Maha Alenzi says:

Can you show us the lighting

A Real Kitchn says:

You had me at "no bake"! These are the best kind of recipes. Thanks!

TheVegan Twins says:

These look so good! How funny because I just uploaded a vegan sugar cookie recipe and then immediately see this in my subscriptions 😃

Immortal Vegan says:

what is the name of that machine you use? I'd like to get one as a Christmas gift.

minekosann says:

beautiful!lovely cookis

livingforlol says:

Can I use another finger for the indentation, or do I have to use my thumb?

Tímea Tarjányi says:

Can I use crunchy pb? Do I have to use liquid sweetener or can it be sugar too? Is it necessary to have the syrup at all? What else can I put on top? 🤔

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